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Friend, it is time for you to recharge..with faith!


We understand it's been a long year, so we have curated thirty one simply activities to boost your faith. You will be suprised by doing the most simple tasks one day at a time will encourage your faith!




For best use of our e-guide after purchase, we encourage you to download the guide as a pdf on a desktop computer to view. Once you order your e-guide, your link will be valid for 30 days after purchase.




- I want to order a guide for me and my friend. Should I place separate orders?


Because our e-guide is a digital product, we recommend placing separate orders for multiple persons. We advise you to place your order including your email, so the guide can be sent to you. Then, proceed to place an order for your friend including their email for their e-guide be sent to them.


-Is this e-guide based on The Holy Bible?


That's a great question and we would love to help clarify for you. All products our ministry creates is sourced from The Holy Bible written by various authors. Meaning, our e-guide includes teachings based on The Holy Bible.


-How can I learn more of Empower Her Ministries?


We would most defintely love to share our ministry with you! You can learn more about our ministry by visting the New Here tab on our site's main menu.


-Is there a way I can give to your ministry?


Certainly! Though Empower Her Ministries is not a non-profit, we are business that provides faith-based resources to help women grow stronger together. If you would like to donate to our ministry, we encourage you to visit the Give on our site. There you will be able to give any amount you choose as our ministry continues to expand.


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