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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The more that I follow Christ the more I realize that I must rely on The Help that is within me.

Meaning, the more I choose to say yes to whatever God wants for me to do in life, I have to make a conscious decision no matter how big or small to allow The Holy Spirit to lead me.

Because I realize that it is only through applied guidance of the Holy Spirit where I’m able to create effectively.

I’ll admit I haven’t always felt this way!

When I first heard about The Holy Spirit, my paradigm was limited to someone screaming or shouting in church.

However, the more that I have been intentionally following Jesus, I am learning that The Holy Spirit is not limited to outward emotional expressions to God.

The Holy Spirit‘s purpose is to be an advocate, a support, to help believers in faith to live in the beautiful paths that God has for each and everyone of us.

Before Jesus left his disciples, one of the things that He shared with them in John 14:16 is that He would be leaving his disciples with an advocate, a helper, aka The Holy Spirit.

When it comes to creating from within I am learning that in order for me to create effectively I have to rely on The Holy Spirit for everything!

This includes but not limited to: my relationships, my work, my life.

This also includes me making the decision to spend time in God‘s word, so I can gain an understanding to create effectively with the help of The Holy Spirit.

So today, my encouragement for you is to begin to listen to the voice from within!

As you have made a decision to be a Christ follower, God has placed The Holy Spirit within you.

You may notice in times where you may feel like something is telling you to do something that is aligning with God‘s word.

That is The Holy Spirit trying to help you!

You may notice when something is telling you not to watch that certain thing on tv.

Or, you may notice the feeling of grabbing a certain jacket when it is sunny outside.

Later in your day, you discover the forecast is calling for heavy rain.

That feeling you experienced earlier in your day was The Holy Spirit!

I encourage you today to start creating effectively by inviting the Holy Spirit to lead you.

You can simply say right now, “Holy Spirit, reveal yourself to me. I give you permission to help me. I want you to help me create effectively.”

The more you surround yourself in God’s presence you will become more aware of the help that’s within you.

Whether it's by attending a faith based community or in a faith based small group, The Holy Spirit will reveal Himself to you and He will become your advocate.

I encourage you to join me and our Empower Her Tribe this Thursday at 7PM CST on Facebook.

Our Tribe will learn how to create a healthy relationship with ourselves as women of faith on Virtual Bible Study.

Will you join us?



God has placed The Holy Spirit within you.

Create effectively by applying the guidance of The Holy Spirit.



John 14:16

We provide faith-based resources to help women grow stronger in faith.

If you were encourage by our post today, comment below.

We can't wait to see you, next Wednesday!



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