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From Trauma To Triumph

“For I know the plans I have for you…” Jeremiah 21:11a. We’ve memorized the scripture and we have sung the songs, but do we really believe what the scripture says? Do we really believe what God is saying or has life’s disappointment clouded our perspective?

I recently turned 30 and had to ask myself that very question. The past 30 years have been filled with trauma, dysfunction, and disappointment. But the past 30 years have been filled with God’s protection, lessons, and blessings in the middle of it all. As a child I experienced events that a child shouldn’t and grew up fast. I may not go into much detail now but my childhood consisted of being caught in between adult business being the oldest child, sexual perversion, fights, and much more. These issues and many others were seeds that started to effect my spiritual, mental, and emotional health. I didn’t understand much in this area at the time because I only knew what I was told at home, school, and church. As I got older I found myself just wanting to fit in and wanting to feel loved and secure. I knew the Lord and truly believe that it was His grace that kept detrimental effects for occurring in my life. Growing up I was trying to figure life out while running away from the misfortunes of my youth. I would pray but take it upon myself to figure it out which led to decisions that weren’t the best. Moving to cities I shouldn’t of moved to. Working jobs I shouldn’t of worked and dating men I shouldn’t of dated. I was trying to find God in the wrong place but didn’t realize it at the time. I began to serve in churches thinking that this is where I will find where I belong but was met with disappointment there too. It wasn’t until I began to seek God, truly seek Him in my own way and read His Word. Then His Word began to read me.

The Holy Spirit began to show me the plots the enemy had to stop the destiny God had for my life. I was able to put the pieces together and saw the ripple effect that generational curses, ignorance, and trauma caused. They say hurt people hurt people and that statement is true. So how do you heal from trauma? The process is different for everyone but you start with acknowledging that there is something rooted in you that need to be pulled out. Ask the Lord to reveal what is going on with you because somethings you may not know or have forgotten about. Next by faith you release those issues and the people that may have hurt you. Then, you forgive yourself. Next you get in the Word of God and read scriptures on the healing power of God and how he heals the broken heart. This is important because “out of the heart flows the issues of life” Proverbs 4:23. As you walk in your healing protect it by fighting the forces of darkness that will try to keep you bound or make you fall into bondage again.

Healing Nuggets! If I can leave you with one nugget it will be find your personal strategy. We all battle in a different way. Some dance. Some sing. Some pray for hours. Some write. Whatever God has for you to do is unique and molded to fit who you truly are. Don’t rush it but don’t stay where you are because someone needs you to walk in your destiny. Writer: Belinda Washington

Belinda Washington is a 30 year old Louisiana Tech University graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Health Informatics. She currently resides in Columbia, LA. She goes to Liberty Christian Center in Monroe, LA and is an active member of the prayer team. She is currently a housing specialist for the homeless but is transitioning into a new career path. She is the oldest of 2girls. She is currently in a 2 year old relationship with her best friend. Her hobbies include anything Jesus, Pinterest, shopping, and working out.

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