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Part-Time Executive Assistant

Empower Her Ministries, LLC. was established in 2021 to provide faith-based resources to help women grow stronger together in faith. Our team is committed to impacting women through God’s word and sharing transparency to empower.


We truly believe in using our God given gifts to enhance God’s kingdom while helping the women of our tribe to do the same. We believe in living lives that reflect and align with Jesus Christ example and his teachings by intentionally practicing biblical principles such as praying, reading God’s word, and fasting.


We are empowered to empower. 


Empower Her Ministries Executive Assistant will be responsible for creating and editing written short-form spiritual growth content that exists for Empower Her Ministries while enhancing Empower Her Ministries' local and online presences.

What You Will Do:

  • Create or curate written copy in features such as weekly email blasts, weekly blog posts, social media, and other short-form pieces of content to flow together for  engagement

  • Produce content that encourages and impact our Empower Her Tribe to apply God’s word towards their spiritual growth, and to enhance God’s kingdom through their natural God given gifts and talents

  • Committed to living a life that honors God through spiritual disciplines

  • Research and learn from the ways other ministries create, develop, and produce faith-based content, and utilize findings to apply to spiritual growth to shift the paradigm of our audience to be more aligned with Christ

  • Be committed to respond and attend team meetings and trainings either virtually or in-person

  • Enhancing local and presences

  • Perform other duties as needed

What You Will Bring:

  • Have a committed lifestyle that honors God through biblical spiritual disciplines 

  • Expert-level writing and editing skills

  • Coachable to learn new writing styles 

  • Posses a strong knowledge of biblical teachings

  • Innovative thinking to help grow online engagement audience

  • Strong leadership skills and understanding of developing and guiding others

  • Excellent verbal and interpersonal communication skills to foster relationships and partnerships

  • Have a heart for helping women to heal, thrive, and evolve in Christ

  • Have a minimum one year experience in professionally writing

  • Have a minimum one year experience in creating TikTok/Reels

  • Live in Tulsa, Oklahoma

To apply, please send an email including your resume and ministry/professional references to

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