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EMPOWER HER BLOG: Remember Christmas!

This time of the year brings many emotions. 

For some, emotions may bring excitement. 

The anticipation to spend time with close friends and loved ones. 

For others, anxiety may weigh a bit heavy.

Those may prepare to brace toward uneasy conversations, feeling the void of those who are no longer there, or preparing last minute gifts to give.

No matter where you find yourself during this time of year I only pray you have a moment to remember the true reason of the season!

Christmas is remembering the gift of Christ to the world. 

If I can be honest, this year has brought on many emotions for me.

Some emotions were great.

Other emotions were not so great.

Then, I had a friend invite me to read a five day devotional.

At first, I was a little hesitant to read, for it had been a while since I read a devotional from the particular platform.

However, I felt inspired to read!

In this devotional, it was written and left me with a simple question: How will I keep Christ centered?

Friend, that is the question I have for you today.

Because, I too, understand how it can be to experience many feelings during this time.

But, I also remember Christ is the free gift to us all.

Christ is the one where through Him any feeling we have can be placed on Him to bring love, peace, and freedom.

As we move forward, let’s keep Christ at our forefront!

Because he is the reason for the season❤️✨



Christ is the true gift of Christmas.

Always keep Christ at the center!


John 3:16

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