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Find A Solution, Stop Complaining To Everyone!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Ever notice when you’re late it seems like every thing and everyone moves slower than you.

You can be driving in traffic while time and cars are against your every move.

It doesn’t matter how fast you cut in and out of traffic you end up at red light after red light.

As adversity kicks and pushes at your being, anxiety fills up in your mind and you find yourself getting more irritable.

You roll your eyes.

You yell.

You blare your horn.

You may even curse . [No judgement, I’ve done it too.]

After going through all the emotions, you eventually arrive at your destination.

And, if you’re anything like me, you are extremely annoyed at every thing! But, why?

Because of slow traffic or you choosing not to properly prepare certain things for the start of the day.


Be honest.

You end up calling your friend to tell them how you feel, right?

After you talk to your friend about traffic, are you still mad or nah?

In life, we find ourselves filled with some form of anxiety.

When problems arise in our lives, the first thing we do is complain.

We complain to friends, families, coworkers, and who ever else that will lean an ear to our issues!

But, how can we find a solution to our problems when we are always complaining to someone.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great seeking out help from close friends or family.

It’s always nice to have a support system to have our backs.

But, who really wants to listen to an hour long conversation about how upset we are waiting an extra five minutes at a stoplight.

Complaining can makes us feel better, but what about the person we are sharing our problems to?

Negative energy is transferable, be mindful of the energy you are choosing to share.

As far as avoiding slow drivers and delayed stoplights, let’s not hit the snooze button as much.

It may help us get up on time for tomorrow’s traffic. 🙂

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