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Grow Through What You Go Through

Sometimes you will have to be buried in order to blossom beautifully.

I love to think of a flower and the process it has to go through before it blossoms beautifully.

From the hands of the gardener, to the soil which holds it dearly, warmed by sunlight, and the water which is vital to its growth; it truly is an interesting process.

Let us not forget the time and the patience that is needed for a flower to blossom.

A lot of times when we are going through an uncomfortable situation we become so occupied with the process we have to go through rather than the result we should look forward to.

I want to leave encouraging words for each and every one of you.

When I find myself struggling to keep on keeping on I remind myself that God is my gardener.

He already mapped out where I would be planted in the garden of life. Although I may not like where I’m planted I know that I am there for a reason.

You are there for a reason and you will blossom beautifully where you are.

Trusting God can be hard when you cannot trace Him.

When the weeds in life are blocking your view, when everything and everyone is trying to invade your space like garden pests searching for a home, it can be difficult.

Always remember God knows where He placed you and He’ll make sure you are taken care of.

Know that He will make your way clear and He will protect you from those who try to destroy you.

The pressure you feel is the from the soil you’re buried in. It’s not there to suffocate you but it’s there to give you nutrients.

The soil is your situation, without realizing it, the very situation you are planted in is cultivating something inside of you.

It’s giving you what you need to be stronger and wiser. As you began to sprout you will recognize the coolness of water.

That water was not created to drown you but to give you life.

Through the process you may grow weary and weak but always remember God’s grace is sufficient for you. You will survive this process.

He will give you life to rejuvenate you. You are blossoming beautifully queen. You are growing into who you were created to be.

The warm sun that warms the soil, the warm sun you will soon feel shining on you as you began to breakthrough your situation is the presence of God.

You see, when you are nestled in the shell of your seed not knowing what God had in store for you, He is always watching over you.

When you began to sprout, His eyes will still be on you, when you fully blossom He will still watch over you.

The warmth is evidence of God’s presence. His presence warms your situation before your breakthrough.

You know God’s eye is on the sparrow so know He’s watching over You!

When you sprout feel the air, that my friend is freedom. Before you know it you’ll be sitting pretty on top of that situation you dreaded.

You’re roots will be planted in that spot only because that’s what made you who you are.




Breakthrough Nuggets! Your situation is molding you.

Your roots will be a reminder of where you were. Be patient, in due time you will make it out of that uncomfortable situation. Hang in there a little while longer queen, you can make it.

You will not look like what you went through. Stay encouraged!

Guest Blogger: Carlene “CHOSEN.” McNair

Carlene is a creative young woman who wears many hats. She is a singer and a song writer. She is the spoken word artist known as CHOSEN., The author of the book “WHAT IS LOVE? THE MYSTERIES OF THE HEART”, she is a blogger, and podcast host. She also has ample experience with group facilitation, coordinating, and hosting events.

Carlene has a degree in psychology. After graduating, she has worked with the youth in the department of youth services and has worked in mental health, She has ample experience facilitating groups and enjoys teaching creative writing. She wants to encourage all to blossom beautifully and live their best life!

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