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HOT TOPIC: Empower Her LIVE March 21st!

You asked, we listened, now we are happy to share to join us live on Instagram tomorrow for an Empower Her LIVE!

Wednesday’s guest blogger, Carly would like to share more Forgiveness Nuggets to empower us to thrive while being planted!

Invite a friend to chime with us as we experience a morning of empowerment w/ BG, learn the importance on forgiveness with Carly with her recent blog post The Fruit of Forgiveness 🙌, and find out who’s the next guest blogger to empower on our “Bloom Where You Are Planted” series 👀👀👀

Like before, our live chat will be located in our Insta Story, so don’t worry about sanitizing your screen! 🧼

Tomorrow’s Empower Her LIVE Chat is going to be powerful 🔥

•Get A Head Start NOW by Following Us On Instagram @WeShareToEmpower

See you soon!


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