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I’m Saved, Now What?

Okay, we believe in God.

We’ve decided to go a step further to believe in His son Jesus and we accepted His salvation gift!

So, we made the decision to allow a minister to slam dunks us in a large body of water.

By God’s grace, we were pulled back up!

But, how is life now suppose to be?

Are we going to look different?

Should we start feeling a certain type of way?

There are so many stories we’ve heard about this religion we now claim, but what does that mean for us?

How can we learn to speak in tongues when not too long ago we cursed out the driver in traffic from cutting us off?

And, we are not married.

What about the person we crave in a sexual way?

How can we remain in this thing called purity when lustful thoughts play rapidly throughout our minds?

Okay, Honey Bunches.

Maybe those examples are not a part of your story.

They are certainly a part of mine!

And, do you want to know a secret?

We have access codes to remain strong in our faith.

Okay, I’m pretty sure you figured out I love tech games.

When I was a little girl, I would often go to an after-school daycare. There were many boys and we would play video games together.

Ah, the good ole days!

There were several games we would play. Such as Street Fighter, Mario, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat and etc. Out of the all video games we played my favorite was Mortal Kombat. Why?

Because I knew I would always win!

Seriously, I am still Thee Reigning Champion of Mortal Kombat.

Back in the day, the boys couldn’t figure out how they kept getting beat by ya girl and how did I always know what moves to play at the right time!

What we didn’t know back then was I have a pretty solid photographic memory!

Before I started to beat them mercilessly, there was a point where they didn’t allow me to play. During that certain period, I would watch them play back and forth.

I begin to notice many of the boys would press specific buttons and it would help their characters to win. I would remember the buttons they would press and I started to learn the best times to use the right moves.

When it was my turn to finally play, they couldn’t defeat me. I would hit power moves left and right until it was time to FINISH ‘EM!!

And, I never took it easy on them. Poor boys😄

Growing up in church I’d always told myself when I figure out the cheat codes to living a surrendered life I would share them with all of my friends. Well, if you are reading this blog post, I consider you as my friend.

So, let me share with you the cheat codes to this surrender life!

The cheat codes in the surrender life are truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, intentional devotion, and prayer.

Don’t believe me? Read Ephesians 6:11-18!

I am sharing this with you to shift the paradigm of once we are saved, life will be easy.

No, no, no, Honey Bunches!

Once we make the decision to be for real about this life (being saved) our opponent (Satan) is going to come at us hard…Like on 10!

I’m pretty sure you were expecting something else, right?

Now we are saved we will have spiritual fight every day.

Think about it.

When we claimed to be Christians, did life get easier or harder?

Is it easier to have sex or abstain from sex?

Is it easier to spend a whole check or give away the first 10%?

Is it easier to react first or pray first?

Now, I’m not sharing this to scare anyone from practicing a faith-filled spiritual life.

As Paul wrote in Ephesians, the beautiful reality is when we do pursue a surrender life we benefit more than anything we can possibly think or even imagine.

( Read Ephesians 3:14-20)

By practicing truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, intentional devotion, and prayer daily is the only way to grow stronger in our faith with God and withstand any attack from the enemy!

So, the question is still remains, I’m Saved, Now What?

We will have different spirit walks because we all have separate relationships with God.

We don’t have to be like anyone else. God wants an intentional relationship with us. That’s it!

Now, that we have accepted Christ in our hearts and we have the access codes, it’s time to put on the full armor God has given us and be prepared to defeat our enemy!

Faith Nuggets!

Spoiler alert: we have victory through Jesus!

Every spiritual battle that comes our way, Jesus has conquered all. All we have to do is call Him!

Being saved doesn’t exempt us from temptations invading our lives!

1 Peter 5:9

Temptations are not meant to trip us up; temptations help us to be more dependent on God.

God will always provide a way for us, we have to remain in Him and believe in His power!

Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Kevin Akers

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