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It’s Praying Time!

They took prayer out of the schools.

And, nobody wants to obey the rules.

Prayers not in many homes.

Parents leaving poor little children alone.

We use to pray three times a day.

All of those traditions have faded away!

Put your time in.

It’s praying time.

Go down on your knees.

It’s praying time.

Have a talk with Jesus.

It’s praying time.

Oh Hallelujah, it’s praying time!

Somebody prayed for me.

When I was in trouble and could not see.

She told God all about it.

And tonight, I can sing and shout about it!

Somebody! Laid their hands on me.

And now, I’ve got the victory!

Put your time in.

It’s praying time.

Go down on your knees.

It’s praying time.

Have a talk with Jesus.

It’s praying time.

Oh Hallelujah, it’s praying time!

– Dorothy Norwood

We can no longer only depend on others to move our mountains!

When I was a little girl, my older sister sung the above song by the amazing Dorothy Norwood in our church’s youth choir. Now, I am older I’ve realized the lyrics of this song sadly are our world’s reality!

Here recently, I was able to have an intimate conversation with one of My Great 8 friends on this very topic: prayer. They expressed a great concern that many of us Christians may feel ashamed or simply do not know how to ask the following question:

Can someone teach me how to pray?

To my friend’s defense they know how to pray. They have a desire to really pray pray! 🙏🏾🙌🏾

Like, when they pray, they have the desire to destroy huge giants that may come in their life. As I intentionally listened to my friend, I knew exactly what they were referring to and I feel their same passion!

You see, I truly believe in the power of prayer, I’ve been filled with the Holy Spirit, and I pray every day. At the same time, there are moments when I don’t feel as confident to pray out loud vs me writing down my prayers to pray!

Have you ever felt this way?

It’s like some moments you can pray so boldly by yourself. Then, when you pray out loud in front of people you all like…

And, I really believe the enemy uses this tactic to make us feel insecure the moment after we just communicated with our Father to allow doubt to distract our faith in Him, God!

You see, God has blessed me to witnessed many miracles through others calling down heaven to earth.

The such people I’m referring to are my parents (who were my first pastors), my Big Momma, deacons, Sunday School Teachers, men and women of God in my church community. (Especially, my Uncle Robert and Pastor Brenda Todd…Glory be to God! These two individuals can pray pray!)

Yes! God has blessed me with great examples!

BUT, like my friend, there’s the strong desire in me to really pray pray!

“You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it .” -Matthew 21:22 NLT

Since the recent conversation with my friend, we both have been in the process of growing confidence in prayer. This week, we are actually doing a fast together and Honey Bunches God has been showing out on us!

I believe our confidence is getting stronger and we will soon too be able to boldly move mountains!

Prayer Nuggets!

Practice makes perfect!

If you have the desire to really pray bold dangerous prayers, ask! Reach out to someone in your church community to teach you. You’ll be surprised how God moves on your behalf!

Use your resource…the Bible!

Check out an awesome devo on the Bible app called, “Dangerous Prayers“. Now, I’m warning you when you read this devo and pray the suggested prayers be prepared for God to really stretch you. 😀

Do you remember who taught you your first prayer? Comment them in the comment section below!

Writer: BG

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