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Loved Me First

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I appreciate you

I love you

I need you

Oh mama

I love you

Appreciate you

I need you

Oh mama

Dear Mama, Tupac

There is no love like Momma’s.

Growing up I don’t believe we all understand how unique a momma’s love truly is.

If we can be honest, for our momma’s daily sacrifices, we didn’t always repay her with grace or gratitude.

Even still, her love stays firm, pure, and exemplifies agape love!

At sixteen, my mindset began to shift and started realizing how unique my own momma’s love actually is.

I found out over twenty plus years ago my momma made the decision to choose me.

At the time, there was a faith-based organization who encouraged members of the church to adopt children within the foster care system.

Though my family was already quite filled with unique personalities, my Momma knew it wasn’t yet complete!

She made the decision in faith knowing she could give me a life I didn’t know I needed.

Because of my momma, I am the person I am today!

Momma’s love never fades.

There are times when I am reminded how deep a momma’s love is for their children.

Recently, I was a having a low day and I walked into my parent’s house with a complete attitude.

Selfish Me!

I headed straight to the guest room without a care to acknowledge my momma.

I just wanted to suffer in silence and not be bothered.

Usually, my momma and I greet one another any time I come into her house.

This time it was just different.

As time went by, I realized my momma didn’t acknowledge me!

So, I decided to go into her room to see what she was up to.

As I nervously walked into her bedroom, I noticed she was pacing around preparing to leave for an event.

Maybe it was the look on my face that eventually made her ask me, “How are you?”.

I could no longer hold in my hurt.

As tears freely fell down my face, my broken voice only mustered up, “I—ju–st don’t understand!”.

Though she was in a rush, my momma didn’t waste a moment to embrace me.

Emotionally, I was in so much pain, yet in that moment with my momma the hurt just left with every second of being held by her.

Every opportunity we have to be with our mommas we should love on them and allow them to love on us.

We will never be too big, successful, or hurt for them to do what they do best: love us.

Love Nuggets

As we grow, we start to understand how much momma’s love is what we always needed.

We are never too much of anything to be loved on by momma.

Never let time go to far without acknowledging the woman who sacrifices for you!

Honoring Mama is 365 Days for Breonna!

If you would like to share how your mama empowers you, too, Send your story to!

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