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One “Yes” To God Will Supernaturally Open Doors!

Merry Christmas, Honey Bunches! It’s BG here❤️ I know many of you may be spending time with family, but I wanted to come and empower you this last Wednesday of the year!

For years, I always told people I was a writer, but I hadn’t wrote consistently.

Especially for people to seriously read!

Just a few Facebook posts here and there…and a couple poems in writing journals.

When God gave me the vision to start this platform, I never would have imagined how He would blow my mind. I was uncomfortable to share my truth and didn’t know who would be brave enough to share their stories of surrender.

I stepped out in faith believing God would provide everything.

Getting on this platform every week to write was not easy. This year has been one of the most stretching seasons in my life.

As you’ve read through the journeys of myself and others, I want you to know your support is empowering!

The only thing that kept Empower Her Blog going was you.

Sharing transparency to empower!

As we move into a new decade, I would like to show you how exactly God is supernaturally moving in this Empower Her Brand and to empower you that God can supersede your wildest dreams if you let Him! 😉

In the first year of Empower Her Blog…..

there’s has been over 6,000 views in counting.

That’s an average of 500+ views a month! Thank you for helping to grow this movement of Christian transparency. I am believing this number will be greater in the years to come.

On Empower Her Blog, the most viewed blog post topic this year was…


As believers, we know it’s not always easy to share on the topics of relationships and lust. Thank you for empowering others to share even the most uncomfortable truths on Empower Her Blog.

By you coming week after week to comment, like, read, and share blog posts from Empower Her, you have helped to create this powerful movement of Christian transparency!

Feel free to check out the top blog posts of the year here:


I’m so excited to announce the greatest number of the year! For the year 2019, Empower Her Blog has empowered….

That’s right!! When I started Empower Her Blog, I told God I would be satisfied if Oklahoma knew about Empower Her Blog. 😀

This year, there has been over 40+ countries to view blog posts from Empower Her Blog!

To me, these numbers are amazing because the vision for Empower Her Blog is sharing transparency to empower! To know that people around the world are viewing Empower Her Blog to ignite their faith is truly humbling.

God is so amazing and He continues to blow my mind with what He’s doing for Empower Her.

This is only the beginning, Honey Bunches.

Greater is coming for Empower Her!

Purpose Nuggets!

The reason why I’m sharing all this with you is before we enter into the new decade I want you to remember that God gives everyone of children a divine purpose/plan for our lives. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from.

If we are faithful to God, He will go beyond any thing we can ever think or imagine! Our obedience to God gives Him access to our hearts and He will create doors to places in positions that seemed unheard of.

If you too have a passion, today I pray that as you read this blog post you will be empowered to follow after your dreams. There’s not a dream too big or too small.

Honor God in all you do and He will create a path to live a life in abundance.

In 2020, I am believing God is going to create supernatural opportunities for Empower Her to go live. I desire that as you continue to follow through the journeys on Empower Her Blog you will see God’s power when we say yes.

Writer: BG


This is the first step for Empower Her to go live. If you are woman living in Oklahoma, this is one event you do not want to miss!

Secure your spot by registering today🔥:

• Share your story on our blog!

Your testimony can be the story to empower someone who’s battling something you’ve conquered.

Click on the following link to learn more: .

***EMPOWER HER LIVE on Facebook Mondays at 7 PM CST!


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