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P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens!

What if someone told you there was a room with $1 million inside of it that you can claim free of tax breaks all you have to do is open the room’s door.

I’m quite sure without any hesitation you’d make efforts to figure out how to open that door!

First, you would attempt to twist the door’s knob and see if the door is simply unlocked.

Maybe, you would jiggle it to the left or jiggle it to the right.

If there still no budge to the door, perhaps you’d try twisting the door’s handle while throwing one of your shoulders into the door.

You know to loosen up the hinges a bit!

If the door to the room still doesn’t open, you may try knocking in hopes someone is there.

You will persistently knock and jiggle on the door handle believing just maybe the door will open!

Your knocks will soon become harder because you have an expectation that there’s a reward waiting on you behind the door.

As Father’s Day is soon approaching, I can’t help to think about the heavenly father that we have.

Our father, God, is not only good He is gracious enough to give us access to anything we desire.

No, seriously.

In John 15:7 the Bible states, if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for any thing you want, and it will be granted.

Now, I’m not sure if you are quite familiar with the Bible, but that verse is in red.

Meaning Jesus Himself said it, so you know it’s true!

Also, I want you to pay close attention to the above verse where it says if I remain in you and if my words remain in you.

We have to make sure we are spending intentional time with our father in order to ask Him for our desires with the expectation He will provide.

Honey Bunches, maybe you’re like me.

For over one year I’ve been knocking, jiggling, twisting, pounding, and throwing my shoulders spiritually on God’s door to open.

More specifically, a new career change for me to empower and be financially independent.

I’ve been intentional on telling Him how exactly I desire the career will be.

I’ve been fasting and all the above 😄

And, there’s silence.

Yet, I stand firm that God will soon open up the door because I have favor in the eyes of God.

Honey Bunches, I want you to began seeking God no matter how ridiculous you look or feel.

Don’t grow weary, or tired of being obedient to God because He hasn’t come through for the very things you desire on your time.

Purpose produces patience and patience produces promise.

Some days it’s not always easy to persistently knock or seek God after trying so many times!

The silence can be daunting you feel , Maybe I should stop. 

Let me share with you a more familiar passage,

Keep on asking, and you will receive what you’re asking for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. -Matthew 7:7

Honey Bunches, I challenge you to seek God again this week.

Spend intentional time with Him and His word.

Pray fervently being clear and detailed in what you desire.

I declare that the door to what you have been seeking God for will soon be open because of your obedience to remain in Him.

God is a good Father.

He knows what you need and when you need it.

Keep your faith, God will provide.

Faith Nuggets!

Our father, God, is not only good He is gracious enough to give us access to anything we desire.

Purpose produces patience and patience produces promise.

*Bonus Nugget*

Pray with the energy that what you are desiring God will provide!

Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Micah Patrick-Foster

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See you next Wednesday, Honey Bunches!

In the mean time…

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers especially my father. I want to say publicly, Thank you, Daddy for being an example that I can spiritually follow. You are someone who I respect. You hold many qualities I desire for myself, my husband, and children to have. I believe your best days are in front of you. You are favored by God and I believe your obedience will soon be rewarded.

-Your Baby Girl


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