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Pay Attention To God When He Keeps The Door Shut To What’s Comfortable!

Is it just me or has this year been entirely uncomfortable?

It’s like every thing planned out in 2018 God looked at our lists and said, “Ha, that’s cute!”

Let me stop speaking for you, Honey Bunches!

This year has stretched every bit of my being!

What started out as me telling God in faith, “This year I’m going to bet on you, God, and I believe you’re going to blow my mind.” ended up being one of the most stretching years of my life!

Like most say, be careful what you pray for 😉

Emotionally, Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually, there has been daily challenges in my life trying to stop what I believe God purposefully written for my life.

The things I’m used to falling back on like finances and lust I’ve grown in those areas to depend on fruits of the spiritual like self-control and patience.

The more I grow in this surrendered life it’s not easy, but I am becoming aware of the benefits to move in obedience of the Holy Spirit.

Pay attention to when God keeps the door shut to what’s comfortable and when He opens uncomfortable doors.

Honey, that’s a statement within itself!!

Let me tell you how God revealed it to me:

For the past few months, I’ve been on an intentional search for a new job. What does being on an intentional job search mean?

Almost every day, I’ve been submitting job applications on one of the most infamous job boards: With every tap and click of the mouse, I choose to submit to jobs where I can see myself at least five years or more.

So far, I’ve submitted to customer service positions, executive positions, nonprofit , retail, even government positions! The good news is not only have I submitted applications many of the companies call me back and schedule appointments to meet me.

Each time I slightly get excited to go on an interview because I look forward to starting anew. The thought of using my skills to expand a company gives me confidence to one day start my own business!

During the interviews, most if not all companies ask similar questions. Such as,

So, BG tell us something about yourself.

How do you handle conflict?

Where do you see yourself in five years?

How will you benefit our company?

All of the questions I answer in eloquent honesty making the person who interviews me interested in where I graduated college. When I inform the person I haven’t earned my college degree yet, their faces become puzzled.

Most of the interviewers will proceed to ask about my background. I’ll share with the persons my years of volunteering in such roles and I’ll further explain the knowledge I’ve acquired in various trainings, etc.

And, the answer after each of the interviews:


Then, my reality sets in: I don’t have much “on the job” experience in the positions I choose to apply, yet I believe God is telling me it’s time for a new position.

While I am applying for a new job, I am consistently working on this platform. And, the interesting thing is every no I hear back from an applied job, I receive a yes for Empower Her.

Have you ever had to wait for something God has already told you that is yours?

Now, you don’t have to answer, but I can be real and say I am so use to quitting or walking away prematurely. And, every moment after leaving I ask myself,

“What if I waited a little bit longer?”

This morning I woke up around 4 AM and I heard clearly read David. No kidding. I opened my Bible app and this verse appeared on my screen:

“The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.” -Psalms 34:19

I share this with you to say any form of growth is uncomfortable. The more we journey on our spiritual paths the more stretching we will experience because God is opening up a way to increase our lives.

Some times we may to have to endure uncomfortable seasons. It can be hard and it may not even make a lot of sense.

We must remember what we are experiencing is not about us, but for God to get the glory from who those who will be blessed by our obedience.

Let’s keep holding on.

Our breakthrough is coming soon.

Growth Nuggets!

Victory comes at the right time.

The Holy Spirit is our guide to follow.

God has won every battle He fought.

Once we give the battle to God let Him handle it.

Immerse in yourself in the word of God to keep a victorious mindset!

Writer: BG


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