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Serving: How I Discovered My Gift In Children’s Church!

If I had a room filled with family and childhood friends, most would say singing is my gift.

Since I was about four years old, I have been singing. I started using my gift in the youth choir at church.

I would sing, sing, sing until my heart was content! As I reached school age, I participated in any school’s choir I attended.

The older I got the more trained my voice became. I would sing songs in different languages, genres, you name it!

By the time I reached college, I received a full-ride scholarship in the choir. I’ve even participated in singing competitions and won many awards in voice!

Seriously, singing was life. And, I couldn’t imagine having any other gift.

A gift brings joy to the one who receives and the one who shares.

Over two years ago, I decided to join a church. As a new partner, there was paperwork I had to fill out in becoming active in the church’s community!

When filling out the paperwork, I noticed there was a section that asks What area would you be willing to serve?. I’d never considered to volunteer at a church before and I thought it would be pretty cool 😎

There were many options!

I scanned the different areas to serve. Initially, I wanted to choose worship. It hadn’t been long since I sang professionally and I would religiously sing the alto part every week in the crowd. I figured I can just use the gift most people knew me for.

As I started to check the box for worship, my heart began to tug to try children’s ministry. I thought it was a bit odd because I’d never desire to teach children or be around children for long periods of time.

My significant other at the time had been serving in the children’s church and told me great things about serving there. Then, I remembered a lady who gave me a huge hug on a Sunday.

Her kindred spirit resonated with me. And, her warm gift of a hug gave me so much joy!

I wanted to be someone like her for children. So, I decided to just give it a try!

Next, I marked the checkbox with a huge V and turned in all of my completed paperwork.

I admit I was a bit nervous. 😳

A few weeks went by, I got a word I was approved to serve with the kiddos!

To my surprise, the first Sunday I served went pretty great. I greeted families, helped them to check-in to the children’s church, and counted volunteers/children during service.

When service was over, I felt so great to serve the families who attended. I realized I had a gift that brought so much joy!

I’d never experienced that with singing.

Flash forward to now, I serve as the team’s director/lead! I admit there are moments when serving in children’s church can be quite challenging.

As the church grows in numbers, we are blessed to have many families who attend. The rapid growth in the church pushes me to grow more as a leader.

I am learning my gift of serving becomes of sweeter value by being immersed in God’s word.

To anyone who is interested in discovering your gift:

Follow your heart and remember the following:

Gifts can’t be earned.

Gifts don’t have to be repaid.

Gifts simply don’t need a reason.

Gifts are kind expressions of love with the intent of providing sacrificial joy.

When you have this in your heart, you’ll find your gift!

Who knew such a small gift could make a big difference in my life?

Gift Nuggets!

Lasting gifts are sacrificial!

Our small gifts can bless someone’s eternity!

Discovering gifts can be found through choosing a different route!

Gifts bring joy!

Writer: BG

What have you discovered in using your gift?

Stay empowered throughout the week!

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