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So, You’re Uncomfortable? Welcome To The Family!


This is how many of us feel when we have to do something that’s not a part of our normal routine.

What we need to realize is there are certain things in life that are necessary for us to experience, so we will grow.

For example:

If we pray to God for patience, God isn’t going to say,Poof! Here’s some patience!”

We may find ourselves driving behind slower vehicles than us in traffic.

The favorite place we love to go shop could of decided to temporarily shutdown due to social distancing.

Our coworkers may seem to be more talkative before we’ve took a sip of our morning coffee.

And, is it just me or highway construction seems to never end?

God helps us to grow by placing us in situations to expand our ordinary patterns.

If we don’t learn what it is that God’s trying to teach us during the process, we will continuously repeat the same cycles or never be able to experience the freedom God has planned for our lives.

Let’s not forget about the Israelites!

A prayer for freedom into the Promised Land that could of taken days turned into years.

In result, every person who wasn’t willing to expand from their ordinary way of thinking died and their prayers ended up being fulfilled through their children.

Now, I’m not trying to scare you, Honey Bunches 😃

I believe there are certain things you’ve been really desiring from God.

My prayer is to help you today to refocus on God, not the temporary pressure of being uncomfortable.

And, I get it!

One of the most uncomfortable things for me is to remain pure.

Like, seriously, every day it’s a challenge for me .

For over twenty years, my normal routine whenever I would have strong sexual urges was to watch porn, masturbate, or have sex.

After many failed attempts of doing things my own way, I finally made the decision to choose God’s plan to grow me!

No matter how uncomfortable this process is for me I am willing to endure a season of waiting to learn all I need, so I will be the woman God has called me to be.

I believe God is creating ways for my experiences to soon be a great platform to help others to reach their freedom, too!

You see, as believers the more we seek God and follow Christ the more we will be in situations that feels uncomfortable to us while we are going through.

Don’t believe me, read the following:

Endure suffering along with me, as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” 2 Timothy 2:3 NLT

Paul was sharing to Timothy what life really is like to be a good follower of Christ: being uncomfortable to bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus.

It’s so important for us to seek God in the seasons of being uncomfortable.

Our lessons is meant to be a guidebook for other believers, not old sad hidden records of the blues!

Even in times of being uncomfortable God is in every moment while we are growing.

The Bible tells us God is omnipresent meaning He’s everywhere at the same time!

We can let God know how things are uncomfortable for us and ask for the strength to endure.

Remember, God will never put no more on us than we can bare.

If you’re feeling completely stretched, get ready your victory is coming soon!

Growth Nuggets!

God helps us to grow by placing us in situations to expand our ordinary patterns.

Even in times of being uncomfortable God is in every moment while we are growing.

*Bonus Nugget*

Spoiler Alert: We already have victory in any uncomfortable season through Jesus!

Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Micah Patrick-Foster

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See you next Wednesday, Honey Bunches!

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