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Stop Running, Answer Your Calling!

As a young girl, I remember asking my father, “Why did he choose to be a preacher?”

Like most of my Dad’s responses, his answer came with a story!

He said, “He never saw himself becoming a preacher.”

You see, my dad grew up in a family of singers.

For years, he sung with various gospel quartets.

He would travel to many cities with friends and family to simply sing!

He eventually met and married my mom.

And, my parental units had the best children known to mankind. 😄

After a while, God told my dad to be a preacher.

My father wanted to continue singing in gospel quartets.

And, in lack of better terms, he initially ignored God and continued to sing in the music groups.

One day, my family was traveling out of town and they were in a terrible accident on the highway.

My dad vividly explained how most of the family was scattered across the highway while he held my older sister (who was an infant at the time) in his arms.

For the most part, everyone had minor injuries except my mother who was sent to a hospital where she was in a coma for months.

As my father continued his story, he shared how he told God yes to him being a preacher.

And, he shared how that it was by God’s Grace my mother woke up!

At the time, I wasn’t born, yet I always love hearing my dad share that story.

It is so similar to the story of Jonah!

He, too, found himself not interested where God wanted to take him and ran from God’s plan.

He, too, eventually found himself in a tight situation where he had to submit to the calling over his life.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering where am I going with this blog post.

There comes a point in all of our lives where we, too, have to decide if we will submit to the calling God has over us.

No matter who we are we may try to run, hide, or ignore our callings, but…

Our calling pursues us daily!

I remember before starting this platform to write I would consistently hear: you should share your story and you have a gift of getting people to share their stories.

For years, I would referred to myself as writer, but I hadn’t written anything for people to actually view. (Other than social media posts)

I only placed pen to paper filled journals.

And, I stored them in hidden places for myself only to find.

I didn’t see much value in writing like being a doctor, lawyer, or teacher.

During this same time, I would ask God, “Give me something big to do! I want help people!”

Yes, I wanted to make a difference, but I felt like my words weren’t powerful enough to do just that!

Often, I would become so frustrated with my life because it seemed like it wasn’t going anywhere useful.

And, it wasn’t!

It wasn’t

Last year is where my paradigm shifted when God gave me the vision to start Empower Her.

The vision came with simple instructions: write once a week.

Initially, I too, didn’t want to write publicly due to fear.

I can say by me submitting to this plan every Wednesday morning I wake up feeling so excited!

I believe the stories shared on this platform brings great healing to every person who reads.

And, I recognize it’s only because of God and the calling he has over my life.

If you are noticing an unfulfilled cycle in your life, I want you to know that according to Jeremiah 29:11 God has great plans for you.

It’s only up to you to answer the call!

Calling Nuggets!

For every person who reads this blog post, I pray that God reveals the calling He has over your life. I pray today you will submit to the calling and you will grow confidence in who you are. I declare supernatural blessings over you for your obedience to God’s plan.

In Jesus’ name, Amen ❤️

Our calling is a gift from God.

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Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Kevin Akers

Local Artist: Alexander Tamahn

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