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That’s Crazy, But Humbling.

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

When I was sixteen, I found out I was adopted.

As I sit here, I recall reading the aged white piece of paper that would abruptly reveal my truth.

I remember the way my body tensed up as I opened the unexpected.

The fluttering of butterflies dancing in my stomach and me reading the topline of that paper which read “adoption”.

An unnerving feeling jolted in my body as if a professional boxer sucker punched me in the stomach.

It was something about the last line of the document I read.

It stated, ” …and the petitioners will like to change the baby girl’s name “__________”…

…who was born on……to Breonna Gildon…”

Growing up, I would of never imagine being adopted.

As a child, I can’t recall a time where my parents treating me different than my siblings or any of the evil step mother crap I would read in fairytales.

In fact, my parents still help me with my needs and spoil me with everything I want. (Love you parental units! ❤️)

Isn’t that the irony of life though?

No matter who or what you do there will be a time we will face the unexpected.

It’s the way we choose how to continue on in life that determines our future.

When I found out the truth about my history, I was completely devastated.

It took me years to even feel comfortable about my life and the blessing of my parent’s decision of choosing me.

I had to make a sound decision to be grateful, move forward in happiness, and give time to others who are in similar less fortunate situations.

Remember, no matter who you are there will be moments when the unexpected happens. Don’t lose hope! Grow with life and don’t forget to reach back to help someone.

We provide faith-based resources to help women grow stronger in faith.

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