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The Promise of The Rainbow

During a rough season of my life, my health started deteriorating.

I had started experiencing problems with my breathing that eventually led to doctor’s visits, tests and hospitalization.

I ended up in the hospital because I had a severe asthma attack and was under treatment.

The strange thing for me was that I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult.

It was so hard for me to believe.

I thought asthma was a childhood disease or one that developed in childhood continued into adulthood.

In addition to asthma, I had allergies and was diagnosed with Sampers Triad, severe sinusitis and lots of inflammation.

My sinuses were always clogged and congested, along with my ears and my throat.

After many doctor visits and tests, I had sinus surgery to remove the polyps and so the cycle of surgeries began and to date I have had four sinus surgeries.

The surgeries would give me little to no relief at all and so the cycle began again.

I had to endure tubes being put in my ears to no avail.

They had to come out in less than a month because of the thick mucus and congestion.

I was taking allergy shots for years and reached the highest level and things still persisted.

The only treatment that worked consistently for me was when I was given steroids, and we all know that steroids have severe side effects.

My health was a constant challenge to me.

Doctors were always saying that there was more to the situation but they could not figure it out.

It was not only difficult physically but it was frustrating not to have any concrete answers or solutions.

It weighed heavily on me.

Then to add to what I was going through physically, four of my cousins died unexpectedly within a six year span.

It was a trying time for my family.

One cousin was diagnosed with AIDS during the initial crisis and it was not long before he died.

The whole situation was draining.

It seemed like every time I turned around one of my cousins was either hospitalized and then died, and then one was even found dead in his home.

I come from a close knit family and we would all get together at least twice a year in Manhattan for a summer cookout and for a Kwanzaa celebration.

Periodically we would have big Family Reunions in the South.

The thought of celebrating at these events without them was both sad and harrowing.

It just didn’t seem fair.

I remember the long ride home from the burial ground from one of my cousin’s funeral.

As I looked out the funeral limousine window, I saw kids playing, adults walking and talking, folks shopping and people doing every day normal things.

I wanted to scream, how can you go on with life when my dear cousin just died suddenly?

Why are we still here and he’s gone?

It just didn’t seem fair and I wanted everyone to feel what I felt.

But of course they wouldn’t and life goes on.

On top of all of this, the brother I had loved for years was getting married and it wasn’t to me.

I really was not good at relationships.

I was in a couple of short term relationships, but I really fell for this guy.

Usually, I was the one who was really all invested; in this case, it was both of us.

We bonded, had the same values and liked the same things.

We had common goals.

We got along well and I felt that there was a bond like I had never felt before.

We became great friends before starting our relationship.

However, for many reasons it just didn’t work.

Maybe I didn’t give it enough time and wanted things to work out too quickly.

I gave up on it, but still loved him.

So when I heard he was marrying years later, it devastated me that I didn’t work on it longer.

It was all too much at one time- the health issues, the family deaths and the loss of the one I had loved.

What was going on?

How do I make it through this?

How do I concentrate and move on?

Would I ever move on from all of this?

Why me?

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These questions flooded my mind.

I felt like everything was coming against me.

And it felt like I was carrying a very heavy burden.

Truly, my faith was wavering.

Somehow, I found the strength to pray for help.

As a child my grandmother took me and my siblings to church with her.

I would always hear her praying and singing hymns as she cooked.

My father then had us attend Sunday School at the church down the street on the corner from us.

It was in Sunday School that I learned a lot of the Bible stories, especially from the Old Testament.

I was always fascinated with the Bible Stories and tried to really visualize them as I heard them.

One rainy day, as I walked to the subway, a beautiful sight caught my eye: a brilliant rainbow.

Immediately, the Bible story I had learned as a youth returned.

The story of Noah had always stuck with me.

God had Noah build the ark for safety for him and his family, because He planned to destroy the earth by water due to its wickedness and disobedience to Him and His law.

Once this was done and only Noah, his family and the animals on the ark survived, God gave Noah the sign of a rainbow that He would never destroy the earth by water again.

It is said that the rainbow consists of seven colors and the number seven in the Bible represents completion.

“For this is like the waters of Noah to me; 
for as I have 
sworn that the waters of Noah would no longer 
cover the earth, so I have sworn that 
I would not be angry with you, 
nor rebuke you.”
Isaiah 54:9 

That day the rainbow was a sign for me that God still keeps His promises.

That season ended, and my faith was restored.

Now every time I see a rainbow I stop because I know that no matter what I am going through, God keeps His promise!!!!

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Faith Nuggets!

See the Promise of the Rainbow

After the rain, the rainbow shines bright

With colors of splendor even at night

Seven beautiful colors all circled in array

Reminding us of God’s promise: Tomorrow is a new day!

A promise made to Noah when the world was destroyed by water

Two of each kind saved on the ark along with his sons and daughters.

So each time you see a rainbow, remember God’s promises to you.

Sit back in faith, and watch what He will do!

Guest Blogger: Rolanda Pyle

ROLANDA T. PYLE is a licensed social worker and has worked in the field of aging for many years.

Rolanda is the author of the books Grandma’s Hands – a children’s story book, and Finally – a collection of inspirational poems; and the compiler of and contributor to Beneath His Everlasting Wings, a collection of devotionals.

Rolanda’s creative writing has won poetry and short story writing awards, and her work has been published in religious and community newspapers and featured in the 50 in 50 writing contests with the Billie Holiday Theater.

She has contributed to many anthologies, journals, magazines and other publications. The author has also been featured on various radio and television programs.

Her numerous awards include the distinguished 2004 Sloan Public Service Award and HBO’s 2004 Beah Richards Spirit Award. In April 2004, New York ‘s Daily News named her one of the “100 Women Who Shape Our City.

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