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The Waiting Room: Enjoy The Current Season!

Okay, let’s get life’s checklist together:

First, I need to finish high school.

Next, I need to graduate from college in 4 years.

I need to get married by 25.

I need to have a boy and a girl. In that order!

I need to have a house by 30.

Okay, that looks good so far.

Whoa, wait!

How old am I turning this year?

How we wait determines the way we grow.

Yesterday, I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday. Surrounded by my family, I was extremely overwhelmed with love.

There was plenty of food, cakes, and random chats that made me laugh my butt off! My family has a great way of doing that for me.

Eventually, the minutes turned into hours and I started to get a bit sleepy. So, I told everyone I wanted to call it a night! I even made sure to thank everyone and gave out a few hugs.

Then, I proceeded to go into my parental’s guest room, shut the door, and sat on the bed.

I began to reflect on my life:

Currently, I live in my parent’s guest room. I’ve been living in the room for over a year. Though I work for everything I need, by society’s standards, I’m far behind where I should be.

On the checklist above, I’ve only completed one item. And, if I can be real I often feel that way about my life: Behind.

It’s like I’m in a waiting room.

This year alone I have been to the doctor several times and the one thing I notice doesn’t change with each visit is me having to sit in the waiting room.

Seriously, I don’t believe there’s ever been one time when I’ve arrived at my doctor’s office and I didn’t have to wait.

It doesn’t matter if I schedule in advance or how early I arrive each time a receptionist will kindly gesture for me to check-in, sit, and wait until the doctor is ready to see me.

As I sat in my room, my reality started to sink deeper into my thoughts. I am two years away from thirty and everything I thought I would have accomplished by now feels so far away. Love. Marriage. Education. Wealth. Children.

I continued to sit in silence and I remembered the story of Job. It’s always been one of my favorite bible stories.

Simply, by the way, God blessed Job and the rewards he received because he waited patiently. In the story, God revealed to me a scripture I’ve must have skimmed over before.

It states: “Should I continue to wait, now that you are silent? Must I also remain silent?”

Job 32:16

Let me tell you Honey Bunches I’m not a huge fan of waiting!

When I think of the waiting room, I think about how the fact I’m unsure when I will get called back to visit the doctor. I’ll find myself watching tv, scanning through a magazine, or reading the Bible.

I may hear others getting their names called and see them eager to finally get up to see the doctor. At the same time, I never go back to the desk and ask, “When will it be my time?”

I silently wait patiently because I know what I need from the doctor will come at the right time.

As believers, I’m pretty confident many of us do not enjoy waiting. Sometimes, waiting can feel like a person hopping in to double dutch!

The intensity to receive what we desire will grow so strong. We may sway back and forth while watching for the right moment to jump in!

The thing is we can’t just jump in and move whenever we think it is the right time. If so, we will receive some painful swats and have to start all over. Like Job, let’s stay silent, wait patiently, and believe God will come through like always.

Waiting Nuggets!

Waiting is not always about you!

A friend of mine shared this with me recently and it’s so true! Often, what we are waiting on is not being held up because of what we’ve done or didn’t do.

Sometimes, God holds things back to prepare what we want to make the blessing better!

Find peace with where you are!

Peace is a free gift the Holy Spirit produces in our lives. No one can take peace from us! It’s up to us to receive it from Him.

Don’t fall victim to the comparison trap!

Comparison is the thief of all joy! In our society, it’s so easy to become a victim it. Create time away from social media and use some of the time to write down what’s special about you for five minutes. No breaks.

You’ll be surprised how tough a challenge this can be.

I believe in you! ❤️

Stay empowered throughout the week!

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