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Waiting Well

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

“God, I pray that you remove the desire of marriage from my heart. The more I think of it my heart breaks from the thought of not knowing when or if it will ever happen. I would like to get married one day, but I can’t fathom why it’s not my time. If it’s your will, may you send me a sign to let me know? Help me to fall more in love with you. Amen.”

I remember praying a similar prayer to God more than a few months ago.

At the time, I was in a season of not being content and anxious of being married.

Whoa, not a good combo!

Since, I was a little girl I dreamed of what my marriage would look like.

I pictured me being a successful business wife to a loving, respectful, and ambitious husband who feared God.

We would do great things individually, but together we would be unstoppable!

We would practice the art of good communication, give generously, love one another unconditionally, be “faith-filled”, and enjoy life together.

Our children would be happy, loving, smart, and possibly athletic with a hint of musical gifts.

Lastly, we would all be in great health!

Who could blame me for my discomfort of not being married?

I mean I practically grew up watching a real 30+ year love story play before my eyes: my parents.

So, when I prayed that prayer to God I still had the desire of marriage, but I needed to learn how to be content with waiting for my heart’s true desire to unfold.

As my boyfriend and I entered the two year mark of our relationship, the idea of marriage began to press harder on my heart.

I would vocalize my feelings to him quite often while the Wedding March repeatedly blasted in my mind!

Marriage was on his heart as the end result, but not at the time.

Eventually, I had to accept the truth: he was right; we needed to wait.




…And we are still waiting together!

The thing is while waiting we have grown so much individually.

Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Our bond is getting stronger and our love is growing deeper.

It definitely took time!

During the process, I had to change my mind on the idea of waiting.

For me, I felt waiting was a punishment. Which was a lie!

The truth is waiting isn’t a curse, but a reward of love, patience, and self-control.

Waiting Nuggets

Waiting for anything isn’t fun, but dreading the lesson will prolong the process.

Keeping a mindset of preparation will help move quicker to the next phase in life.

If you find yourself growing tired of waiting, here are some inspirational ideas

that may help during the waiting process:

Find a hobby

Read devotionals about waiting on the Bible App

Psalms 40

Take yourself on a date

Treat yourself to a spa day

Most importantly, wait well! 😉

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