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We Share To Empower: Don’t Mess With My Mind!

During the months of July & August our blog is taking time for resting and recharging from all new content. However, we desire to keep you empowered! Today’s throwback post is to encourage you to refresh & recap to take control of your mind, Enjoy!

There’s a saying I am sure you may have heard at some point in church.

“If the enemy can tempt Jesus, He can tempt you!”

Right now, you may be feeling strong in faith..which is AWESOME!

However, when you do not feel as spiritually strong or unguarded towards sin, it is possible for certain temptations from the enemy to lure you into his grasp.

And, that is what I would like to prepare you to avoid today!

Because the enemy’s daily focus is to: steal, kill, and destroy everything that is meant for you fulfilling God’s divine purpose. John 10:10

Sorry, Honey Bunches…

…he does not take any days off!


Neither should YOU!!

As a Christian, you are on a 24/7 mission: to love Christ and make disciples.

Now, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed.

In fact, with God’s help, you can conquer any temptation the enemy may try to distract or deter you from purpose!

Consider this post as your spiritual tool guide filled with biblical excerpts to refer back on when you feel spiritually attacked to cave into the enemy’s tempting temptations😉

The word of God breathes life to faith.

One of the greatest benefits of being a believer is you have the author of your faith as an ultimate and personal example to follow!

Let’s see today how He can help you overcome temptations of the enemy through His word!

“Then Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil.”
-Matthew 4:1 

Do you notice how this verse says Jesus was led by the Spirit?

Not too soon after Jesus was baptized he was led by the Holy Sprit into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan.

This is also right after God said, This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.

I want to stop at this point with you for a moment.

God loves you and He knows what you need!

I believe quite often when you and I are faced with temptations it is an opportunity to grow our faith.

Temptations come to check the heart, not grant permission to sin.

Meaning, when the enemy comes to tempt you, whatever is in your heart will be exposed!

This Nugget was brought out by the way Jesus responded to Satan each time he tried to tempt Jesus.

For every temptation Jesus faced from Satan, he responded with the following to defeat the enemy:

The scriptures say… -Jesus

Why is this important?

No matter how big or small of the temptation you may face God’s word has the power to triumph over the enemy!

“But they delight in the law of the Lord, 
meditating on it day and night.” 
-Psalms 1:2 

Honey Bunches, the word of God is your sword!

To defeat the enemy, you need it DAILY!!

With this being said, use Jesus’ example by making sure you are filling up your heart with God’s word.

Choose to take no days off from the Bible.

Just like, how the enemy chooses every day to not let up off of you!

Biblical References

John 10:10

Matthew 4:1

Psalm 1:2

Faith Nuggets!

The word of God breathes life to faith.

Temptations come to check the heart, not grant permission to sin.

Breonna ‘BG’ Gildon

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May today’s blog post bring empowerment to and through you. See you soon, Honey Bunches!


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