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Our ministry enjoys highlighting empowering women who are kingdom enhancers in their respected businesses, careers or ministries.

For this month's Empowering Woman, we would like to present to you, Felicia Morgan.

Felicia, what is the name or title of your business, career, or ministry?

Rewritten Hearts

What services do you offer? What is the mission for your business or ministry?

Teaching women to thrive in their relationship with God with practical application, as well as rewriting the lies and being confident in our God given identity

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

The president lol

What has the journey looked like for you as a woman in faith?

Learning to rest, to not be so works based. To be confident in who I am, not because im so good but because God made me that way and because He sees me that way. Learning that my natural relationships should be a reflection of God's love for me. I shouldn't have to work for their acceptance and love of me.

Who is one person that inspires you and why?

My mom, I've seen her evolve and grow in her own confidence, and she loves unconditionally every person that comes across her path. She's really strong and has always done what was necessary for her family to be taken care of.

When life gets hard, what is one scripture that helps you to not give up and why?

Matthew 11:28 it reminds me to rest, that God knows the end from the beginning that it may be difficult for me now, but if I rest I will see the promise God has intended. He's helped and never left me in difficulties before and this time is no different.

What is one thing you have learned in your business, career, or ministry that was tough while learning that is now valuable to you?

That I don't have to do everything. I'm so used to doing things that way that I would remind myself to rest, that God didn't call me to do things alone. He's given me resources to help.

Felicia, may you share one spiritual discipline you practice and how does this practice benefit you?

Daily prayer. It helps to get things off my mind, and to converse with God. When I feel like I have no one else to talk to I know he hears me.

Can you recall a time where God spoke to you clearly? How was that experience for you?

When I was on an extended fast, it was the clearest God had spoken to me. It was exciting and relieving because I was going back and forth internally about was that God or me, I KNEW it was Him. afterwards I grieved that experience, and had to make sure I wasn't attempting to falsely recreate that experience in my time with him. but it was magical and a moment I remember to this day. since then my dreams have been more vivd and more frequent.

Lastly, our ministry exists to help women grow stronger through faith and transparency. What is one thing you would like to share with another woman to 'Keep The Faith"?

God didn't bring you this far to leave you. While everything that has happened may not have necessarily been his will, be it the enemy or our own bad decisions, ultimately He will get the glory and use for His good in the end. Trust Him and know that His grace is always sufficient.We often become so consumed with our issues that we don't see the big picture. You've made it through tough times before, and God will see you through this time too.

Where can people connect with you, your business, or ministry?


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