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We Share To Empower: Pecola Raysor-DiSaverio

Heeeeey Honey Bunches! We Share To Empower is a series within our blog where guest bloggers can share their testimonies of something awesome God has done in their life! Today, read Pecola’s story:

The idea of the knowing THE TRUTH has always been an interest of mine since a little girl.

Though I am a Christian, I am also a Hebrew as my bloodline can be traced all the way back to King David.

God allowed me to discover all this information and it’s been an awesome find to know I am related to great Prophets like Papa Noah, Papa Abraham, Mother Sarah, Papa Enoch, Papa Elijah, Cousin Samson, Papa Isaac, Papa Jacob, Papa Moses. I am a Jew (Jewel), the heart of God.

To go even deeper because of my lineage, I am called to be a Prophet as it is my Birthright.

Like Jacob I want to honor it.

But before all my trying to honor my birthright, I’ve made mistakes in life.

Anger and unforgiveness has taken me through dark places, that opened the door for me to be mentally, emotionally, verbally and psychology abused.

Many men have raped me, molestation has happened to me, people have lied, set up, betray, steal, wickedly laugh and jump me.

As a result, my anger and unforgiveness built up, which lead to starting a gang with friends, selling drugs, bullying people, being a harlot (having many partners for superficial love), having an attitude towards men in general and wanting to use violence to prove my point to prove my worth.

Today I can live with peace in my heart despite the things that others do to me; and that is forgiveness.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

I have more to grow.

However, God has taught me a lot of stuff, I learned from others was wrong because it was not his ways.

God continues to send people to help me.

Biblical References

Philippians 4:13

Guest Blogger: Pecola Raysor-DiSaverio

Pecola Raysor-DiSaverio is the author of the book THE LEVELS OF MY LIFE: THE BATTLE. In the words of Pecola “Which was published a year ago on September 4, 2020, by an awesome publisher who’s a Christian and wonderful woman of God. She is not only my publisher. She is a friend, a sister and a mentor. I look up to her because of her brilliance and how she allows God to use her for his glory.” Aside from being an author, Pecola is a mother of a wonderful, intelligent 8-year-old boy. He is her heart and world. God has blessed Pecola to be a wife to a remarkable man of God, Mr. DiSaverio. Pecola’s husband plays a vital role in her journey as his patience with her is greatly appreciated. Currently, Pecola attends Udemy for school and is studying in Forensic Psychology.

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