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You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Live In Purpose!

We all have a purpose.

I use to think only certain people were able to be used by God.

You know like in the Bible.

Listening to testimonies in church I felt that maybe I wasn’t doing something right to experience such breakthroughs like those people.

I couldn’t pray like them!

I wasn’t filled with the Holy Spirit, so I couldn’t speak in tongues. (Or comprehend what in the world they were saying!)

I didn’t understand the meaning of lifting my hands!

I figured God didn’t want to use me because I wasn’t perfect…like them.

This way of thinking caused my heart to harden toward Christianity. And, if God didn’t want to use me, I would create my own purpose.

Yeah, bad idea!

My lifestyle developed so much pain and unwanted memories of lust-filled experiences . Or, in better terms I was sinning times ten!

By the time I found my way back to the church, I was terrified. Growing up in the church I would hear people talk about those coming back to God.

Oh, she’s down there for prayer again.

Wasn’t he just at the casino?

I saw them at the liquor store the other day!

I remember how I uneasy I felt to surrender my life to God, again. And, if I can be more transparent some times I am still down on myself and doubtful of God’s purpose for my life.

Here recently, God reminded me of a story I heard in Sunday School. It’s about a woman whose background would make most people judge her in modern times.

For starters, this woman was a Canaanite which means her culture believed in worshipping multiple gods and goddesses. Her custom normalized praising objects, figures, and etc. that were not God.

To make her story more interesting, she was a prostitute.

Pop Quiz: If you know who I am referring to, comment her name below!!

Okay, back to her story:

When reading about this woman in Joshua 2: 9-10, I gained a new perspective:

” I know the Lord has given you this land. she told them. We are all afraid of you. Everyone in this land is living in terror.

For we have heard how the Lord made a dry path for you through the Red Sea when you left Egypt…”

Though she was used to worshipping other gods she knew who how powerful God is. She made a decision to be obedient to the purpose God had for her.

I begin to imagine how terrifying the role she played. Not only her decision led to abandoning familiar beliefs, but she had to betray the king of her country!

Regardless of her past, she trusted in God to fulfill His purpose. In return, He gave her a divine purpose: the freedom of her family!

As I grow into becoming a stronger Christian, God is softening my heart to understand:

We don’t have to be perfect in purpose. This doesn’t give us permission to live recklessly. Once our hearts are open to the power of God, He has access to guide us on the way to abundant living. We must stay obedient and submitted to His plan!

Purpose Nuggets!

It doesn’t matter who we are.

When God is ready to use our lives for His glory, He will at any moment!

We can be of any race.

We can be of any gender.

We can be of any social status.

God has the capability of using anyone or anything for the purpose of enhancing His kingdom.

Let’s give Him full access today!

Writer: BG

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