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When I was a young girl, I remember an amazing woman singing a song at church.

The song went like this, "I am working on a's a true foundation."

The song referenced her work for the Lord.

Here today, this song comes to my mind on the topic of friendships.

The reason is I have learned having a solid tribe of people that surround me has been such a great asset as a Christ follower!

It is only by the wisdom of God, faith, and a solid Godly tribe of individuals who have helped me to become the woman I am today. 

To be honest, there have been times where I have had low moments in my life, even recently!

I literally wanted to throw in the towel, but God led and directed people my way to speak faith back into me.

It was their faith that built me up and continues to build me when I literally just want to give up. 

And that’s what I want to share with you today!

As you read this, you may have been going through a time where you want to perhaps isolate yourself.

Maybe the pressures from building or doing what you believe God wants for you to do has been weighing you down.

Or, you may have experienced unexpected circumstances that are currently stretching your faith.

Can I share something with you?

You don’t have to continue forward on your own!

You may have felt being around people when you’re not feeling your best you it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Well today, my goal is to shake that feeling off of you!

You were not meant to be alone!

We are all created in God’s image. (Genesis 1:27)

Meaning, we all possess the power and authority to speak life.

God has strategically created individuals to help you. (Genesis 2:18)

It is through community where you can find encouragement to be built up!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 says it best, encourage one another and build each other up.

God has created some people who want to pray with you.

God has created some people who want to fast with you.

God has created some people who want to listen to you...without judgement.

These people were designed to build you up into becoming who God has created you to be, even when you don't feel like you want to be that person.

I would dare to say it is time for you to receive the Godly tribe that God has for you.

If you are currently not having a stretching season, that is wonderful sister!

However, there is a time and season for everything.

There will be a time where you will need the support of others to build you up too!

Every Thursday of this month, I would like to invite to learn the things God is helping me to learn through community on Virtual Bible Study.

All deets are below, hope to see you there, sister!



You were not meant to be alone!

It is through community where you can find encouragement to be built up!



Genesis 1:27

Genesis 2:18

1 Thessalonians 5:11

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