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Accepting Your Identity Through Jesus

I never felt accepted for who I was because I was different in many ways.

School didn’t come as easily for me as it did for others, my body shape was scrutinized, and I didn’t feel understood for my choices or the things I chose to invest my time in.

I couldn’t ignore my differences and it made me feel like who I was needed to be changed.

I tried to be similar to everyone else and be good at the things that they were good at but only felt worse about myself.

I felt even further away from who I was, and my self esteem was being shattered in the process.

I was miserable.

With my self esteem at its lowest, I knew this life was unsustainable; I had to learn who I was.

I needed to overcome my insecurities in my identity to live the life God intended for me.

Not being who God created you to be leads you to live an unfulfilling life.

I knew this all too well, as I felt trapped—feeling as if I couldn’t be who I was so wonderfully created to be.

When I accepted Jesus into my life, I was awestruck by his love; this allowed me to learn that how I was created was good.

I saw that he created me in a beautiful, unique way with a purpose… even though I disliked myself.

He broke down the walls, and tore down the lie that I had to be someone else to be liked and to live a fulfilling life.

In Jeremiah 1:5 (NIV) we read: “Before I formed 
you in the womb I knew you, before you were 
born I set you apart; I appointed you as a 
prophet to the nations.”  

When God created us, he had a specific plan and purpose that he knew would ignite in us a passion for who he created us to be.

It would show us that we were created with an intention and purpose.

He had a special plan set aside, wherein he had given each of us unique talents and abilities to be fulfilled.

As we walk in the fulfillment and acceptance of who he created us to be, we can feel love for ourselves.

We can see, and give glory to him for, the abilities we have.

We can receive the success he has for us as we walk in who we are and the plan he has for us.

As I accepted the truth of who he created me to be, I learned to like myself and see the beauty of who I was.

I wanted to be myself more because I thrived as me.

As I saw God’s hand over my life, I no longer disliked myself.

He gradually brought me from a place of having low-self esteem to being a person who was confident to walk in who I was.

His immense presence in my heart transformed my perspective of myself to see me the way he sees me and to live in the truth.

You can live in the truth of who God called you to be and live in acceptance of who you are by acknowledging this truth.

You are deeply loved by him and made for a great purpose.

He wants you to love and accept yourself.

Purpose Nuggets!

Not being who God created you to be leads you to live an unfulfilling life.

When God created us, he had a specific plan and purpose that he knew would ignite in us a passion for who he created us to be.

Guest Blogger: Nikki Evanson

My name is Nikki Evanson; I’m a wife, mother and—first and foremost—a grateful believer in Jesus Christ. I have been hurt from past relationships, events and experiences… but Jesus put a passion on my heart for healing and for sharing my story. I currently write a blog called Heart Wounds Healed (, which I created with the intention to help and minister to women who follow Jesus; to help them deal with the hurts in their hearts so that they can grow closer and deeper in their relationships with Jesus. You can connect with me on Twitter at @nikkievanson and on Instagram at

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