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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Psalms 37:23 The steps of a good man are ordered by Yahweh; and he delighteth in his way.

If you order your steps, eventually, you are going to fall.

Yahweh will never lead us astray, but He draws us closer to Him.

While the world is full of chaos, people are in the gap interceding on our behalf.

They are pleading with Yahweh that He orders our steps.

I am guilty of ordering my steps.

I lived a sinful life that could have sent me to hell if I didn’t get my life together.

My rebellious lifestyle included: fornication, drugs, smoking, and alcohol.

After having two car accidents and spending the night in the hospital (from jumping out of the car to get away from my abuser).

I still walked down a path of self-destruction.

One day, I was on my way to work.

I got into my 3rd car accident: I broke my femur and ribs, bruised my spleen, and collapsed my lungs.

I spent 6 days & 5 nights in the hospital.

I had to undergo major surgery and two blood transfusions.

I had to go through the process of walking.

As I was learning how to walk physically, Yahweh was walking with me Spiritually.

When I could move around alone, I went right back into the world.

It didn’t last long because Yahweh sent me signs that I needed to come to Him.

I finally let go of the sinfulness and dedicated my life to Yahweh, which has changed ever since.

He taught me how to walk and talk.

He even showed me how to dress.

It’s by His presence that I am blessed.

Yahweh orders my steps.

Yes, the enemy puts thoughts in my head to make me ponder about where I came from.

When you have a covenant with Yahweh, nothing can come in between.

We are nothing without Him.

If you believe you can live without Him, how do you think it’s going to turn out?

I cannot even go to the store without Him.

I need Yahweh to lead the way.

My Prayer for you today is for you to allow the Holy Spirit to lead the way and order your steps.



Are you unsure how to ask Yahweh to order your steps?

Below are a few tips that’ll position you to ask Him:

Fasting & Praying

Prayer Walks

Worship Music

Prayer Journaling



Psalms 37:23

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