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Come Alive: You are called. Act like it!

I want you to know you are worth it.

You deserve more than happiness.

The person who you were is proud of who you are.

Don’t allow what is to blind you of your destiny.

God has a calling over your life so powerful.

If you could only see what was up ahead you would understand.

The pain. The losses. The setbacks.

They were not sent to destroy.

Each circumstance was meant to elevate you.

You needed to experience those moments to release you into your calling.


You are called.

You are chosen.

You are the righteousness of God.

Look in the mirror.

Can’t you see?

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are in the image of God.

There’s greatness radiating in you!

If someone was in your shoes, I’m not sure if they would’ve prevailed.

What makes you so unique is you are His child.

You do not have anything to fear.

I want you lift up your head!

Walk in your purpose confidently.

Don’t worry about what others are doing.

There’s not one person who can do what you do!

Before you were even formed in your mother’s womb God created a beautiful plan.

Just for you!

Every day you open your eyes know that is a blessing.

Many are not given this gift.

It’s a small yet divine reminder that God isn’t finished with you.

Life isn’t always filled with highs.

You will fall.

And, you fall again.

Promise that you will never stop getting back up!

Honey, I know.

You’ve been through hell.

You’ve been praying.

You’ve been fasting.

You’ve been wondering, “What is taking God so long? “.

Some times the stretch to grow spiritually can feel difficult to bare.

People tell you how strong you are.

And yet, they don’t realize how much pressure it takes to really endure.

Every day, you consider giving in to familiar habits.

I mean who would know, right?

But, why forfeit the promise for self- pleasure?

Listen to The Comforter on the inside of you.

He will always show you a path to escape.

Remember, the life you live isn’t a mistake. God knows what’s best even the times when every thing feels the worst.

He knows all and hears all. Even the silent conversations when you’re not around.

I get it.

It’s so easy to tell a person to keep going and give them advise on how they should live.

But, as I end this writing I must reveal that I am you.

Growth Nuggets!

The same uncomfortable stretch to grow will be the same stretch to propel you into greatness.

Break the cycle from the familiar.

God has never failed you. Trust Him.

Your time breakthrough is coming, soon.

Writer: BG


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