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Discovering Purpose

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Imagine sitting in a classroom preparing to listen to a lecture for the next thirty minutes.

You notice a group of girls to your right hovering over an object and laughing.

One by one, they take turns spitting and wiping their mouths.

You don’t say anything you just think it’s strange and continue on preparing for the day’s lesson.

The same group of girls walk over to your desk and ask you to spit in the object: a bottle.

You’re say, “gross” and tell the girls you’re not interested.

Finally, the group of girls casually head back towards their seats while giving one of their friends the bottle.

The girl began to wildly shake the mucous filled mixture, get out of her chair, and head over to an empty desk.

She proceeds to place the container on the desk and run back to her friends.

Then, the unthinkable happens.

While a few minutes pass, a timid girl walks inside the classroom and sit in a chair.

You notice she’s sitting in the exact same chair of where the bottle sits!

She picks up the repulsive mix, unscrew the lid, proceeding to take a sip, then you immediately interrupt and say, “Stop!”

Your purpose will cause you to take charge in the most challenging times.

As you may have figure out, the scenario I mentioned above was one of the plans God had for me to introduce purpose in my life.

It was one of the first times I can remember being so uncomfortable to speak up.

Though I didn’t know the girl well, deep down I knew the situation was wrong and could cause serious damage to the girl’s self-esteem, physical health, and spiritual growth.

I felt so much compassion for her that caused me to gain a confidence I never knew existed:

I am one who empowers. In a moment of being uncomfortable and even afraid, God revealed to me you will be one who will positively impact and change lives.

When we think of discovering our purpose, we hardly sit back and think of the process.

Let’s be honest.

In the beginning, we may ask the question, “God, what is your purpose for my life?".

After feeling silence or pressure, we may began to continue on with our lives not really sure what’s the next move to make.

We may even grow a sense of entitlement to create plans on our own. It’s our human nature!

On the other hand, if God was to write out every detail of the way He plans for us to reach purpose, can we honestly say we would be open to it?

Whether you are fifteen, twenty five, thirty or forty reading this, God has plans for us that are beyond this world!

His ways and thoughts are not close to what we can ever imagine.

When it comes to discovering our purpose in God, whatever the thing that won’t allow us to be silent and it freaks us out while thinking, “Am I really doing this?” : that’s a part of our purpose.

Isn’t it interesting the way God works?

Purpose Nuggets

When we ask God to reveal our purpose, we must be prepared for what we are asking.

“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” – Proverbs 19:21 NLT

We must remember God will never set us up for failure.

When He reveals purpose for our lives, we know that His plans are only for our good.

The very thing that causes us to feel fear in a moment of pressure could be the very thing we were created to do.

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