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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

What if I told you that as God's child, you are the epitome of what God had in mind when thinking of the word "create".

As I sat reflecting on various things God led me to create, I thought about the joy I felt because of this and questioned why.

God took me back to Genesis 1, where we learn that God created everything we see today, from trees to the ocean to birds in the sky, and of course "man" and the first thing He said after creating each creation was "this is good"-

Animals, humans, and even plants alike have all been hardwired by God's nature to multiply.

The very first instruction given to man was to go out and multiply. This instruction applied to everything, including sewing, starting a business, gardening, and so on.

When a parent finds themselves smiling at their child for a job well done when they pass an assignment, this is similar to the very joy God felt in the beginning and even now as you use your hands to create something from nothing through the ideas whispered to your spirit by the Holy Spirit.

Without the instruction to create, things would be pointless since the main point of us being here is to multiply!

Many great things have come through man, whether you believe in God or not, from electricity to cures for different diseases, all the way down to the very device you are reading this post on.

If non-believers were capable of creating all these things, then imagine what more you, as a child of God, can create while being connected to your Creator.



Being a creator has been hardwired in us.

The possibilities are endless in terms of what we can create as children of God because we are connected to the vine (The Creator & Source).



Genesis 1

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