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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

I believe one of the many benefits in being a follower of Christ is knowing there is always someone in our corner.

At the same time, when life takes me through a valley or an uncomfortable circumstance, waiting for the advocate to answer my concern does not always feel like I am supported.

While I wait, I can admit there are times where I may start to feel low, confused, or even lonely.

Whenever I find myself beginning to feel these emotions, I will remove myself from distractions and spend more time focusing on the things that are true about the outcome of my circumstance.

It is there where I am able to discover these truths when I read the Bible.

For example, in times of uncertainty and I am not sure what to say, God will remind me through His word that "As soon as I pray, He will answer." (Psalm 138:5)

Or, when I am nervous to ask God for something that I have previously asked Him for, He will remind me through His word to, “Keep on asking, and I will receive what I ask for. ” (Matthew‬ ‭7‬:‭7‬)

I am confident to believe God's word is true because the outcome from me reading and applying His word always results in what His words say will be.

Unlike my feelings.

Whenever I choose to depend on my feelings, I tend to be disappointed on how the outcome changes.

This is why it is important for us as believers of Christ to be mindful to rely on our faith, not our feelings.

Because I believe when we choose to rely on our faith, it is the thing that gets the attention of our help, Our Heavenly Father, God.

Then, He will redirect us to the things that are true.

Our feelings may tell us many things and try to convince us to focus on our emotions.

At the same time, emotions are temporary and are subject to change at any moment, yet faith is complete trust in something regardless of outcome.

Accepting God's truths are worth following.



Be mindful to rely on our faith, not our feelings.

Accepting God's truths are worth following.



Psalms 138:5

Matthew 7:7

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