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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

It’s amazing how perspective can change over time.

The way one thinks as a child changes the more the child develops and has life experiences.

The development and experiences will literally shape the way the child thinks the more they become older.

Take a moment.

Think about your views of adulthood at the age of thirteen.

Now, think about your views currently.

I am sure your perspective looks a lot differently, right?

As believers of faith, I believe the more we follow Christ the more our perspective should develop further towards Christ.

Meaning, we should become more and more dependent on God.

When situations arise, over time our mindset should initially shift closer to relying on faith and not our feelings.

In fact, it shouldn’t surprise us when unexpected things occur because we know it will give our faith an opportunity to grow. (James 1:2-3)

Sharing this with you I think about the story in the Bible where there was a wealthy man who asked Jesus what good thing he could do to get eternal life.

Eventually, Jesus tells the man to give up all he has and follow him.

The man ends up walking away and disappointed because he had great wealth.

(Matthew 19:22)

This can be similar to when one first chooses to follow Christ or when one is first considering to follow Christ.

When first following Christ, there may be moments the person wants something from God.

In response, God will more than likely give the person an answer that has the potential to stretch the person's faith.

Because the person is new to being a believer, the person may become hesitant to apply what God is sharing that they need.

I am sure you have experienced this when you first followed Christ.

Initially, like the wealthy man, you more than likely wanted to walk away from God when He told you things to apply that would stretch your faith.

Here is what I want you to comprehend: The more you follow God the more your perspective of faith should evolve.

Your perspective should change because when you have gone through different life experiences God was one who you could rely on.

And, God still is!

If you need something from God, just ask, but know the answer He gives may stretch your faith.

Next, be prepared to follow Him with your whole heart knowing what you need will be provided for.



The more you follow God the more your perspective of faith should evolve.

When situations arise, over time your mindset should

initially shift closer to relying on faith and not your feelings.



Matthew 19:16-22

James 1:2-3

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