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Updated: Apr 21

Last night, I made a quick run to McDonald’s for a medium coke.

I decided to go inside the restaurant due to the busy drive-thru and my stomach growling for dinner.

I soon managed to make it to the front counter within the lobby while casually noticing the back crew working vigorously.

I waited for a few moments for someone to come take my order.

No response.

I glanced over to two Kiosk menu screens that displayed the words ‘currently out of service’.

I continued to stand at the front counter looking back at the workers.

A few more moments went by without anyone acknowledging me at the front counter.

From my point of view, all I could see were people working passionately to serve those who had been waiting in the drive-thru line.

I looked back over at the Kiosks and noticed a different screen displaying the words 'available'.

I felt relieved!

I could finally get my medium coke.

I blissfully sashayed over to the available kiosk and ordered my medium coke.

Then, I returned to the front counter where a female store worker was standing behind the counter.

I handed her my receipt with a smile.

In return, she kindly said “You know, if you would have waited for just a few more seconds I would have given this to you for free?” as she handed me an empty cup for me to fill.

If you and I can take a moment to be honest, sometimes we treat God the same way I treated those McDonald’s workers.

When we are ready to receive something, we want it the moment we arrive at a certain place or time.

We may wait a few moments.

We may even wait a few months for God.

We wait.

Time passes.

Then, we began to casually “check in with God” hoping He hadn't forgotten about us.

We may wait a little bit longer.

Eventually, we may find another source to fill our request only to learn that if we would have waited a little bit longer God had something bigger and better for us.

Something that would have not cost us anything.

Today, I am sharing this with you because I don’t want you to find another source that will cost you.

God is a source that has unlimited access to anything.

If you need joy, God has unlimited access. Nehemiah 8:10

If you need love, God has unlimited access. John 3:16

If you need peace, God has unlimited access. Isaiah 26:3

If you need good health, God has unlimited access. Isaiah 53:5

If you need finances, God has unlimited access. Malachi 3:10

If you need freedom, God has unlimited access. Romans 10:9

Do not overpay with another source when you have God as THE SOURCE.

You must remember God stands outside of time, Honey Bunches. (Revelation 1:8)

What may seem like a lengthy time for you, may be just a few more seconds to Him.

Keep waiting, God’s up to something!