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Faith It! :How Do You Respond To The Giants In Your Life?

Can you imagine life without faith?

It doesn’t sound right to you either, huh?

Throughout my whole life, I’ve read many scriptures and heard sermons on faith to a point where I can confidently quote most bible stories!

Without hesitation, I’ll share how David killed Goliath, Job gained more than he lost, Hannah had a baby, Ruth secured her family’s legacy, Moses helped save the Israelites (God’s chosen people), and Mary birthed the savior of the world!

I’m learning in our spiritual walks it’s a daily cycle of stepping out on faith. And, I must say, though I know much scripture it doesn’t make fighting the giants in my life any easier.

Faith requires obedient action.

For the past year, I’ve been working a job I love. Often, my work family encourages me by saying how much I am appreciated. I don’t even believe I’ve made a single enemy!

Every day, I feel great coming to a place where I know I’m making a positive difference to others and my community! At the same time, I believe I’ve hit the ceiling in terms of growth.

The work I do is important, yet I feel there’s no room to grow working at 9 to 5. This isn’t my first time feeling this way about a job!

I’ve worked on many assignments throughout my life. I have experience in working for staffing agencies, temporary jobs, executive positions, manual labor, fast food restaurants, volunteer roles, and so on and so forth!

I’m not sharing this to put my resumé out in the world; I’m sharing because this is my current daily faith battle: Should I stay on this job or should I leave?

Now, I’ve prayed to God about this beforehand. Unlike the other times where He’s told me to stay and I’ll leave. To my surprise, His response was simple, “You’re going have to quit your job.”.

When He gave that response, I felt great because I knew God would provide the next position for me. Not too soon after I began looking online and using several job search engines.

There were many jobs I believe were interesting, so I applied. A few weeks went by, I went on several interviews and received positive feedback.

After each interview, I would hear God say “No.” Finally, I stopped applying to jobs. I asked God, ” How am I going to quit my job without a job? But, I trust in you.”.

A couple more weeks went by, I received an email from a company offering to interview me. The job description immediately interests me. I decided to go to the interview and was immediately invited back for a second interview.

I felt confident after both interviews and I believed there was a great chance of me landing the position! I decided to go talk with my supervisor about my update and she offered me two positions in the company.

I told her I would think about her offer and I would have an answer for her soon.

On the following Monday morning, I declined the two job offers because I felt God strongly told me “No.” To make this story more interesting after I updated my supervisor I received a text from the man who interviewed me: I didn’t get the job offer.

I’ll admit I was a bit hurt by the response. If this was in the past, I would have left my job out of anger. At the same time, I know something greater is coming.

The thing is even after receiving the message of not getting a job offer the man said in confidence, ” I know your opportunity is coming very soon.”

So, you may be wondering, ” BG, what do are you going to do next?”

I plan to F. A. I. T. H. It!






Sometimes when we get a word from God we feel we need to instantly make a move. God told me I would have to quit my job. He didn’t tell me when or how.

The moment I got the word from God what did I do? Start applying to jobs and going on interviews!

When I think of the faith stories in the Bible, they all have one thing in common about God: they all had a firm assurance in trusting Him.

Despite the tough circumstances, each of the characters listened to God, obeyed, and trusted in Him until He gave the next instruction! Though it’s uncomfortable, I plan to stay put in this role and wait because I now know my obedience will provide a great blessing!

Faith Nuggets!

Our faith is all we got!

Following the word God gave us might sound insane, but we must remember God has a plan greater than we can think or imagine.

In our walks with God, we have to be all in!

People are watching us.

We would be surprised by how much our faith inspires others! Our consistency in Christ will bless the world.

We are closer to a breakthrough than we think. 😉

Hebrews 11:6

“And it is impossible to please God without faith. Anyone who wants to come to Him must believe that God exists and He rewards those who sincerely seek Him.”

Writer: BG

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