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How To Elevate From The Goodbye: Yes, It’s Time To Level Up!

Who really enjoys goodbyes?

I know I don’t.

I guess you can say I’m used to being more of a see you later type of person.

Because if it were up to me, I would have every good experience and relationship to last forever.

As believers, we cannot live this way!

According to the Bible, “There is a time and a season for everything.” Which means all things must come to an end.

Rather if it’s habits, relationships, or etc., we must stand firm in our decision of letting go and trust God will provide something greater.

Every goodbye ends in elevation.

There’s a saying that goes like this,

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever.”

I believe we often hold off the goodbye in hopes that what we let go will find its way back to us. The amount of time we invested may validate this decision.

Our comfortability seems safer and it’s hard imagining something better than what we ever had.

In Luke 33:17, Jesus tells his disciples:

“If you cling to your life, you will lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.

I love this scripture because it points out the beauty of letting go: there’s something always better waiting on the other side!

Jesus was making a reference to Lot’s wife and how dangerous it can be in looking back. He was letting his disciples know there would be a time where they will want for the Son of Man (Jesus) to return, but they will not know when.

Just think about it!

If Jesus never said goodbye, He may have not gone to the cross. Thank God He did because of we are now able to experience salvation through His decision of letting go!

Trust me, I get it Honey Bunches. Goodbyes are not always easy! For me, this year has been one of the most stretching seasons in my life, so far.

I understand sometimes it’s hard to think of an elevation after an ending or it may be hard to keep a smile when you feel like you’ve lost the only thing that mattered.

So, today I am going to empower you by providing three ways to elevate after goodbye.

Are you ready? Let’s level up!

3 Ways To Elevate After The Goodbye

1. Acknowledge What We’ve Learned

One of the greatest things in life we can have is wisdom. Whenever we experience a goodbye, we instantly elevate because we have so much to learn from our experience.

The time we spend in habits or relationships we gain so much knowledge! We may have found out things about ourselves we didn’t know before the bond we had.

Acknowledging what we’ve learned is the first step to elevate because we become aware of who we are now after the goodbye.

2. Use It & Apply It

After acknowledging what we learned in goodbye, we have to apply it! Now, Honey Bunches this is one of the hardest steps to elevate for me. 😳

At first, it can be a bit of a challenge to find out you have an addiction to porn, then quit cold turkey from watching and having sex. Or, it can be hard to discover your obsession with the idea of marriage, but you now choose to remain single for a season to trust in God’s plan.

Okay, maybe these are not on your use it and apply list. They are certainly on mine!

3. Help Someone Else to Elevate

To help someone else is my favorite step to elevate after goodbye.

As believers, we all need one another to stand firm in our spiritual journeys. We can help someone else by sharing our experiences.

Every time we reach back to help someone we are certainly pleasing God and we are enhancing His kingdom.

Growth Nuggets!

Remaining in a see you later state gives permission to things we let go to return.

Today’s goodbye will elevate you!

Every loss doesn’t have to forever defeat us.

One moment of uncomfortable growth embraces us for a lifetime of abundance.

I pray that you will believe the goodbye is not the end of your story and trust God will elevate you! Keep the faith, Honey Bunches!

We are about to level up!

Writer: BG

Photographer: Kevin Akers

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