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Life During A Pandemic

Taking a moment to reminisce…December 2019

As everyone enjoyed their family and friends during the Christmas holiday.

Once all the money was spent on gifts and food, hopping from house-to-house spreading holiday cheer amongst those you loved.

We began to prepare for the end of a year and the beginning of another.

We eagerly awaited the new year and all the endless possibilities it carried.

“New year new me,” while others proclaimed to have 2020 vision for the perfect new year…

I don’t think any of us saw Miss Corona coming along with its life altering effects that we are still dealing with this day!!!!

Quarantine, masks, curfews, and we definitely can’t forget the lack of toilet paper and Lysol products on the store shelves will be a great topic of conversation in the years to come for those who survive this pandemic!!!

How am I maintaining you ask?

Well let’s just say you might get a different answer every day of the week!!!

I’ve had my fair share of challenges; I mean who hasn’t?

Where many struggled with either working remotely from home with their kids and spouses 24/7 or furloughs and layoffs, I was and still is an essential worker who thankfully never had to worry about the lack of income just the possibility of crossing paths with someone with Corona…

Praise God I haven’t and continuously pray that I don’t!!!

“Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation; there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. Psalms 91:9-10

Like many other families, I experienced my share of deaths during this pandemic.

The hardest hit for my family and I was the transition of our beautiful matriarch, my grandmother!!!

If losing her wasn’t hard enough the idea of the family not being able to be with her at the hospital nor come together as a whole to celebrate her life was…well to this day I still can’t truly put into words!!!

Where my grandmother’s death wasn’t COVID/ Corona related, the death of a very good friend and her mother’s was.

You see the numbers on the news of COVID cases and deaths, you hear stories of people fighting for their lives and a great deal of them dying alone in hospitals while families hands are tied because of social distancing.

It makes you wonder why anyone would opposed to wearing a mask and staying away from crowds.

Yet, this has become our new norm.

I am maintaining!!

I trust God will see us through this!!!

I decided this is the best to seek out my purpose and walk in it.

This is not the time to doubt God or myself.

I still show up for others, I continue praying, I continue giving my all and giving God the praise every step of the way!!!

P. U. S. H. Pray Until Something Happens!!!

Listen, God never left our sides…He’s with us always.

This too shall pass!!!

I had to tell myself this over and over again because watching the news constantly and taking in some of the conversations at work or while standing in line at the store would cause you to doubt, fear and lose your mind!!!

Even in the midst of trials we can’t lose sight of the blessings in the goodness of God.

Every morning we open our eyes is a blessing!!!

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and staff they comfort me….

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever! (Psalms 23:4 & 6)

Be encouraged always and lean on and depend on God to see you through this time…it’s what I learn to do on a different level!!!

Faith Nuggets!

No matter what we face God is always near for he promised to never leave nor forsaken us.

Take His hand and continue to walk this journey with peace and security in knowing the master has you covered!!!

Writer: Brianna Screen

A Full-Time Administrative Assistant By Day And A Writer By Nature

Blogger, Amazing N’Spired (Currently being revamped)

Former Editor-In-Chief of Bold Favor Magazine

Former “Ask Bri” Columnist For Bold Favor Magazine

Independent Editor

Founder of the “Forever My Sissy’s Keeper” Movement

Founder of SheKeeps Keepsakes & Favors

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