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Sex Ed

Quick quiz!

I’m going to list a few phrases you might’ve heard or even said in regard to sex.

Relax – it’s not pass-fail.

•Mentally, check yes or no.

•Laugh a little. 😉

  1. “It’s always good to take a test drive before you commit to the car.”

  2. “It’s fine, we are going to get married one day anyway.”

  3. “If you love me, you’ll do it.”

  4. “We will grow closer because of it.”

I’m kind of a keep your eyes on your own paper type of person, but this blog is about sharing transparency to empower others to live a life totally surrendered.

So, here’s my sheet of paper…

  1. YES

  2. YES

  3. YES

  4. YES

Life will throw you a lemon if you try it before you buy it.

This weekend I want you to go to an Audi dealership and see if you can “test drive” a vehicle without a valid I.D – similarly, according to God’s word, you have to obtain a marriage license in order to practice sex within the boundaries God has established.


How insecure and immature I must’ve been to compare God’s greatest creation (Gen 2:22) to something that loses 20-30% of its value by the end of the first year. God didn’t command us to practice sex outside of marriage to see if we will commit to someone or determine if we like what we’re experiencing now as a “fuel” gauge of what it will be like later.

This very act lacks faith in God and without faith, it is impossible to please Him (Heb 11:6). I thought my way was right, but I led me and women to dead ends (Pro 14:12).

I was so deep in sexual sin I manipulated the weekly calendar and etched in “One day” to keep our love alive. Oops, I meant “lust alive.”

I was playing limbo with lust… like, “how low can you go, how low can you go.” I’m ashamed to admit I’ve guilt girls into doing something so sacred to silence the shouts of my sexual sin.

I trusted my plans more than God’s promise (Gen 2:18) which came with benefits like protection and provision. But, I opted out for severance with Satan and that came with conflict and confusion.

Now, which we would prefer, right?

Rededicate your relationship to our Redeemer for restoration-ship.

I pray you to choose the former rather than the latter. Even if you have intentions on someday doing what is right while doing what God considers wrong, it will not bear fruit.

No one can manipulate God to bless sin and disobedience. Purposefully engaging in sex outside of marriage is not alright and is not to be justified with the intent of doing what God has called Christians to do in the first place, which is marriage.

I don’t mean to get all preachy, but God has numbered everyone’s days (Job 14:5) and no one knows the day nor the hour when Christ will return (Matthew 24:6). Justifying sin for temporary pleasures with a promise to make it right “one day” breaks the Father’s heart because that woman/man you’re holding onto could be allotted to another.

When someone implies to the idea that engaging in sex before or outside of marriage proves your love for them, remember what God’s word says. God’s commandments are to protect and cover us in every area of our lives.

So, what are God’s commands as it relates to love?

God’s word states in 2 John 1:6 (CEV) “Love means we do what God tells us. And from the beginning, he told you to love him.”

Sex outside of God’s design doesn’t equate to love, no matter how much you believe you like someone. It is wise to follow God’s commandments because you will grow in wisdom and vividly see who supports your growing relationship with God and who does not.

The only thing that “will grow” from this lie is a headache. And that’s Satan’s M.O. – Tylenol can’t cure the consequences that come from condoning in sexual immorality.

We have the free will to choose (1 Cor 6:12-20) and see if God is holding out on us, but isn’t that what got us mixed up in this mess?

The Bible tells us to “Run as fast as you can from anything that stimulates youthful lust.” Like I said before, God designed sex to be practiced in marriage for our protection from the ramifications He knows what awaits us outside of it.

Lust Nuggets!

A purring kitty will become a roaring lion. TRUTH is its tamer!

We live in fast-paced, sex-crazed society and if one does not renew their mind walk in the armor of God daily, one might begin to accept less than His best. Don’t allow the actions of others and the patterns of what the world is doing to distort your spiritual sight and knowledge of God’s safeguard, sanctification, and set up for your life.

Real love is not self-seeking but always seeks to keep and live according to God’s commands.

TO MY SINGLES: The relationship you should focus on daily and growing closer to is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Because God promised to give us the desires of our hearts, and when you choose to be obedient to his commands and follow His will, word, and way, He will bless you with a relationship that will exceed your expectations.

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