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Silencing The Noise: Dear, Kanye.

Dear Kanye,

I don’t understand the magnitude of what you are experiencing, yet we are similar.

You see, most of my life I felt I’ve been living under a microscope.

It doesn’t take too long for my actions to be blasted and criticized by people who believe their opinions are valid.

At the same time, if they were giving my same life’s path, I’m sure they wouldn’t know how to manage.

Many people don’t know my name, yet the world I live in controversial opinions of me can ring so loud it’s some times hard to silence their noise!

Though I’m too often misunderstood, most people are mesmerized by my story.

The Saul-Paul transformation has them wondering what’s God going to do next.

And, questioning is my newfound faith real?

By now, I believe you’re intrigued to learn more about me.

Before I share my truth with you, I want you to pause for one moment.

Take a breath.

And, read the following words with an open heart:

Spending time in God’s word silences the noise.

Dear Kanye,

There was a time in my life were living for God was not a trend and I couldn’t comprehend the unconditional love Jesus had for me. I was in a season where hitting blunts, people-pleasing, and sexual sin consumed all of my core.

Everything I was taught about being a Christian I’d suppressed far away from my reality. Yes, I grew up in the church.

My father is a pastor and my mother still wears many hats including being a Sunday School teacher. They did a great job to religiously place me in an atmosphere of meeting God.

Though surrounded by goodness, I decided to decline the many invitations from our Heavenly Father and follow my own path. The route I chose lead me to late nights and early mornings: the road in return forced local Walgreens trips to make last-minute Plan-B decisions.

This lifestyle went on for years until I was given the opportunity to change. And, when I made the decision to live for God it didn’t silence the noise!

Yes, I am now starting over again as a Christian.

I attend a life-giving church and I faithfully share the goodness of Jesus. Yet, to some people, it’s still not good enough!

They believe I should be attending my family’s church.

They believe I should not be sharing my truth.

They believe I should be doing things that are not a part of His perfect plan.

If I could Kanye, I’d share more, but you’ve already read 521 words of my story. And, I know you’re quite the busy man.

Instead, I’d like to give you this scripture to read whenever the noise seems to grow louder than your thoughts:

” So, I am willing to endure anything if it will bring salvation and eternal glory in Christ Jesus to those God has chosen.”

2 Timothy 2:10

Kanye, God has chosen you on purpose for a great purpose! Your obedience is empowering those who are lost and found to evaluate their lives after death.

The yes you gave to God is winning eternal souls which brings Him great joy and honors His Kingdom. Living for God is not about perfection.

Keep being intentional to His will and stay hungry for winning souls!

God sees you.

He is pleased.

Faith Nuggets!

Every believers’ journey is not a sprint, but a marathon.

God never forces us into obedience.

One the greatest things we can do is boldly proclaim God in the midst of unbelieving chatter.

The yes we give to God blesses us beyond our wildest dreams!

Writer: BG

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