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Spiritual Nuggets: Faith + Counseling

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Today’s Spiritual Nuggets is on the following topic: Faith + Counseling

The one thing guaranteed about healing is it brings a healthy process to restoration.

With any form of healing, it will bring a process!

This is why faith and counseling are a great combo to have whenever there is an area in your life that needs to be healed.

Otherwise, if you try to handle everything on your own, you may end up like the following Proverb 😳

Healing allows us to rely on strength beyond our very own for us to become stronger.

Now, as a Christian you are fortunate to have Jesus as your personal aide!

By you putting your faith in Him, it will lead you to a life that is prosperous, brings you hope, and a future✨

Similarly, I believe with faith and counseling in your life you no longer have to worry about figuring things out all willy nilly.

With this being said, you may some times try to simply avoid the help of others.

The thing is Honey Bunches you were never meant to do life alone.

Just like God has created you for a divine purpose He has created unique individuals to help you in pursuing yours!

May this week God give you wisdom with faith and counseling.

May your heart be open to receive His love to listen and apply.

Today’s Spiritual Nuggets come from our recent blog post: Faith + Counseling.

Check out the full post below:

See you in September💕

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