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Spiritual Nuggets: The Naomi Blessing: When God Silently Works For Your Good!

Welcome to Spiritual Nuggets on Empower Her Blog!

We share tips to empower you to grow spiritually stronger in less than 2 Minutes.

Today’s Spiritual Nuggets are on the following topic: Faith

Having faith in God requires for you to believe in Him no matter the outcome or how long it takes.

Sometimes waiting on God can be difficult when you see God blessing others and you haven’t experienced your breakthrough!

Today, we would like to share with you some Nuggets on faith when God seems silent.

1. God is not stagnant in silence!

Unlike many stories in the Bible, God was not narrated in the book of Ruth.

However, His presence was felt!

This gives a good spiritual boost for you to know no matter what season you are in God’s silence still means He is moving.

Take a look at the following scripture for reassurance:

2. Sometimes God will bless you beyond what your emotions reciprocate to Him.

Honey Bunches, we know, we know.

When you haven’t received the promise of God, the wait can seem unbearable.

However, the thing you must realize is your obedience to God is essential!

God is faithful and His promises are yes and Amen 🙌

God is also a God of grace.

With this being said, sometimes God will bless you because of your obedience, even when your emotions are not the best.

We would like to encourage you in your time of worship to take a look at the story of Ruth.

You may have heard it many times, yet this time pay close attention to Naomi.

You’ll find that even in her difficult and bitter season she was faithful to God…

…and God was faithful to her!

Find time to meditate on the book of Ruth.

Thank God for working behind the scenes for you

May this week God speak a fresh word to you on overcoming temptations.

Today’s Spiritual Nuggets come from our recent blog post: Don’t Mess With My Mind.

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See you in September💕

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