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The Affair Part II

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Spoiler Alert:

If you haven’t read last’s week’s blog, ‘The Affair’, I highly recommend you read it before continuing to view The Affair Part II.

The Affair Part II is a continuation on the topic of lust.

Once you have read The Affair, you will be fully ready for all the juicy knowledge in this week’s blog!

Thank you for following this journey with me. Now, let’s continue!

Familiar Territory

The moment we decide to no longer engage in lust is not when our desires go away.

Lust tries to keep us enslaved.

Like a fly in a spider’s web, once we attach ourselves to lust we are trapped.

Okay, I’ll stop with the Charlotte’s Web references and stay on topic.

Lust comes from the enemy who’s job is to kill, steal, and destroy all aspects for us to live a full life of abundance in God.

We will have to fight even harder to not give into what seems familiar to us.

One of the ways where we may feel defeated is through guilt.

When I chose celibacy six months ago, lust didn’t stop trying to pull me into its temptation.

First, I felt because of who I was disqualified me to give up lust, again.

Even today, I have visions of past sexual experiences, dreams of pornographic sites, and thoughts to just cave in one last time through masturbation.

Choosing to let go of something that has controlled me for over twenty years will take longer to defeat.

I know it is not going to be an easy to fight, but this time I know I will have a different outcome.

Wanna know my secret?

I have God fighting lust for me.

Scripture reminds me of the inner strength we have through being a child of God.

“I can do all things [which He has called me to do] through Him who strengthens and empowers me [to fulfill His purpose–I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency; I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses me with inner strength and confident peace.]”


We are in control

Maybe, you are like me and this is not the first time for you to choose celibacy.

Before I continue to share “Nuggets” with you, I want you to take in a deep breath and exhale.

Take in another deep breath and exhale.

Now say, “I am in control”.

One of the first things I chose to do is give total access to God in the area of lust.

After, he revealed to me how I can move forward confidently.

Here are the steps that help me to defeat lust:

First, I asked God to forgive me and I chose to forgive myself .

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.

The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT

As I previously mentioned, guilt will come back to remind of us the past.

We no longer have to accept it! We are children of the most high God.

Just knowing that alone give us the confidence to move forward in the purpose God designed for us.

Second, I took action!

By choosing a different route, I choose to renew my mind daily on things that are good for me.

I no longer spend so much time alone.

Before, early mornings or late at night was the time for me to give into temptation.

I would dismiss the acts often using the excuse of sleep to help.

Now, I play my Bible app or listen to worship music to keep my mind on God’s promises for me.

Third, I  restricted  myself!

Finally, I chose to set a parental block on my phone.

If I type any word that relates to lust, my phone will not allow me to move forward.

Setting boundaries may not be easy, but it helps to be in control of lust.

Lust Nuggets

God gives us the strength and confidence to defeat lust.

His plans for our lives are for good and not to harm us in any way.

When lust pops up in our lives, we already have victory through God.

Every day, we will have a battle waiting for us, but God gives us strength to overcome all.

Be careful who and what you choose to consume!

The beauty is when we make the decision to allow God to fight for us we already know the outcome: victory.

God is doing amazing things with this platform, Empower Her.

I’m confident this movement will bring freedom to us and those to come!

Share your story!

Create your personal version of what lust taught you. Share with a friend who may battle lust today! If you would like your photo featured on my social media, use hashtag #EmpowerHer

Can’t wait to see your photos! 💞

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