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We Cannot Bear It All!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The day we choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord

we are entering on to a new spiritual path.

A path that is in need of guidance and support!

During my spiritual journey,

I’ve been a part of great faith based communities.

Yet, I wasn’t always comfortable to share certain

battles I was fighting alone.

-Breonna Gildon

Our support is in great need!

When we typically think of support, we may consider rooting for our favorite sport’s team, purchasing an item from a local business, or sharing a close friend’s business page on social media.

Now, these are all great ways of support!

At the same time, how are we choosing to support as Christians?

How are we spiritually supporting our communities, families, friends, or ourselves?

Now, we don’t necessarily have to answer at this moment.

By the time we finish today’s post, we will discover a better understanding of the way we should support as children of God.

I noticed there are many ways as christians we choose to support.

Out of all the ways there are three distinct times where we show encouragement to ourselves and others :

• Support of a New Christian

• Support When One Has Sinned

• Support When One Is Need of Prayer

Supporting in these three moments in a Christian’s life is very much needed!

So, how do we go beyond from helping only in particular moments?

In Hebrews it says,

“We should encourage daily, as long as it is called, “Today” so that none of you may be harden by sins deceitfulness.”

Basically, it’s time for us to become more intentional in supporting through communication, love, and prayer!

We need to be more intentional in communication. Daily.

We need to be more intentional in love. Daily.

We need to be more intentional in prayer. Daily.

It’s simply impossible to withstand the enemy’s attacks on this journey with no or little support.

We cannot allow a day or days to go by without support.

Imagine a world full of believers where we were more intentional in reaching out to a new believer other than the moment they accepted Christ.

Imagine a world where we randomly called a family member who opened up to tell us on how they struggle with porn.

Imagine a world where we replaced the norm “How are you?” to “How can I pray for you?”

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to live there! 🙌🏾

Support is like the way we love. It strengthens by the way we express it to ourselves.

Though I’ve never been a cheerleader, I had the pleasure to watch my older sister be one.

As a young girl, I was so mesmerized by any opportunity she had to cheer!

Often, I would attend cheer competitions and practices.

(I was her team’s “mini mascot”. Go Wildcats!)

She was always the cheer captain and one could tell she was by the way she supported.

Her encouragement, words, and energy simply lit up any room that would make people believe in the team and themselves.

In order for us to support others we must first learn to support ourselves!

• How often are we promoting to others about our new start up business?

• When is the last time we said to ourselves, “I’m so proud of you!”?

How can we ever genuinely support someone if we hardly support ourselves?

As believers, we are encouraged to support others. At the same time, it’s important to regularly set out time to evaluate where we are and seek God on how He wants us to be!

Support Nuggets


Prayer is the best way we can support anyone or any thing. It’s our direct line to God! We must learn to use it daily in seeking God on how we can show support.

Random Check-ups:

Just like routine visits at the doctor’s office, we should challenge ourselves to create a habit of checking up!

(Self-Check Ups, Relational Check-Ups, Community Check-Ups).

We should be mindful of what’s going on around us and asking God to show us how we can help others and ourselves better.

Kind Words:

It cost nothing to be nice to people! And, as Christians we have a responsibility of showing love to everyone. Er’body!

(Excuse my ebonics☺️)

Proverbs 16:24 NLT

Because it is the enemy’s desire to get us off track, we all have daily battles we are fighting.

Saying a kind word or sending a personal scripture to some one (Not a Facebook Post) just may be the support they were looking for!

We provide faith-based resources to help women grow stronger in faith.

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