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We Need To Rest!

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Isn’t it interesting when we were children it took our parents forever to get us to rest?

We would strongly protest and try to outsmart them from resting.

Instead, we wanted to stay up as late as we could to watch tv!

If we can be honest, time hasn’t changed too much for us.

Many of us are always saying how tired we are!

We’ll say:

“As soon as I get off work, I’m going to sleep!”

Then, when we finally end up getting home from work, making the decision to rest isn’t exactly the first option we choose.

C’mon, you all know what we do!

The moment we get home from work we find something that “needs to be done” or we simply get distracted from taking down time to rest.

We will start preparing dinner, cleaning, we will watch tv/Netflix, or we may spend time with family.

We do every thing except rest!

Now, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying time to do the things we love.

At the same time, when will we ever allow ourselves to give our bodies what it needs: Rest.

Rest means to pause, not stop!

Many of us are music lovers.

Therefore, we know there comes a point in every song where the music has a pause period.

The period can last for four beats, two beats, one beat, a half of a beat, etc.

In music, each short period is known as taking a rest.

After the resting period, the song will eventually pick back up again.

The purpose of resting in music is for the musicians to have a moment to regain energy in playing/singing the arranged piece.

When writing the music, the composer is aware of the upcoming moments (transitions) in their music.

So, the composer inserts rest notes for the musicians to take.

If the musicians continue to play/sing their music without resting, their energy will be lower than if they made the decision to rest.

In fact, their energy will be heard from those who are listening!

Like music, God is the composer of our lives!

He is aware of the energy we need in order to be proficient in the way we live.

If we listen to Him closely, we will hear and understand Him when He is telling us to take a break!

Likewise, our energy can be felt the moment we walk into a room.

Choosing to rest not only benefits us, it helps those who we encounter!

Just maybe, people won’t think we are grouchy if we decided to take a nap 😀

We are giving one body, let’s take care of it!

God understands the importance of rest that He rested Himself!

In Genesis 2:2, it states:

“By the seventh day God had finish the work he had been doing so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”

I truly believe God rested to give us the example to follow when it comes to rest: it’s hard to keep working when we are tired.

God knows our jobs, positions, statuses, families, and etc.

He still understands we must take moments to get the energy we need in order to keep going!

Though we may have various responsibilities, what harm will it be to say no or arranging for someone else to assist until we are back to normal?

Once again, we have one body!

If we choose to keep going in life without proper rest, our bodies will make the decision to shutdown.

Let’s make the decision to start resting today!


Resting is giving our bodies the energy it needs to live healthy lives!

We are never too old for naps!

It’s okay for us to make the decision to nap. When we are rested, we can go back to handle what needs to be done.

Saying No!

Sometimes, we are unable to rest, for we’re always saying yes. If our energy is low, it’s okay to say no! Ha, that rhymes!

It’s so important we evaluate who and what we agree to.

Setting Earlier Bedtimes, And Keeping Them!

Our bed time is the moment we turn off our lights and go to sleep. A way we can get better rest is removing distractions away from our bed. (People can be distractions too!) 😳

When we are constantly exerting energy into tasks or people, it’s very difficult for us to be productive.

***Bonus Nugget***

Setting our phone on Do Not Disturb mode silences all notifications and ringers. At the same time, it will keep our alarms on!

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