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We Share To Empower: Baptized, Again?

Have you ever had the feeling to do something specific and no matter how much you tried to shake the feeling it kept coming back to you?

Yeah, that feeling has been gnawing at me for the past four years.

Since the day I made the decision to surrender my life to God I’ve felt the need to get baptized, again.

You see, I was baptized as a teen.

I knew what I was doing because I grew up in church community.

My father is a pastor.

So, I was pretty aware of the meaning of baptism!

However, my perception of being baptized was a bit skewed at that time.

In my mind, my thoughts were somewhere along the lines of getting baptized would change me into a new person.

As a kid, I struggled with sexual desires, lying, pornography, and secretly battled low-self esteem.

Therefore, back then, I believed me being dipped in the water would erase all of that and make me into a new creature.

Baptism is a public declaration of one’s spiritual heart transformation.

When God renewed my mind of baptism’s meaning, that is when the gnawing feeling began.

At first, I kept shooing it away like a pesky mosquito due to already being baptized and my once fear of large bodies of water!

Yet, the more I chose to be intentional in my personal relationship with God the more I believe God used His word, people, and coincidences to speak to me about being baptized again.

And with God’s help, I did it!

Baptism is becoming alive again in Christ.

Acts of the Apostles 22:16
'What are you waiting for?
Get up and be baptized.
Have your sins washed away 
by calling on the name of the Lord.' 

Honey Bunches, if you are considering baptism for the first time or even the second or third, I want you to know I am super excited for you.

Most important, God is excited!

No matter who you are or what you’ve done God loves you and is so proud of you to share your decision to follow Him with the world.

Take the next step forward today by reaching out to a life giving church community in your area and let them know of your decision to be baptized.

Welcome to the family!

Baptism is an important decision.

Take some time to reflect on your decision by answering the following:

  1. Why am I choosing to be baptized?

  2. Why is this decision important to me?

  3. What have I learned about baptism that I can be confident in choosing to go public about my relationship with Christ?

If you would love to learn more on baptism, check out the following passages and bible study plan based on baptism:

Romans 10:9 NLT

Acts of the Apostles 22:16 NLT

Acts of the Apostles 19: 1-6 NLT

Baptism Nuggets!

Baptism is a public declaration of one’s spiritual heart transformation.

Baptism is becoming alive again in Christ.

Breonna ‘BG’ Gildon

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