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We Share To Empower: Don’t Stop, Keep Going!

During the months of July & August our blog is taking time for resting and recharging from all new content. However, we desire to keep you empowered! Today’s throwback post is to encourage you to refresh & recap that sometimes distractions are your signal for breakthrough, Enjoy!

A lot of times we look at distractions as a hinderance or a blockage.

When something unexpectedly pops up in our lives, we find ourselves slowing down or stopping from the very thing we were going after.

Once the distraction makes its way towards us, we may say something along the lines as:

This is a sign for me to stop what I am doing!

It’s like the more I try to pursue ____things keeps happening to me.

Aht! 👏🏾Aht!👏🏾

That’s stinking thinking.

It’s time to renew our minds today!

Distractions can be signals for breakthrough.

In life, the moment we decide to follow after the plan God has for us the enemy uses every thing he’s got to make us doubt what we are doing.

He will try to kill, steal, and destroy anything we are seeking from God! (John 10:10)

The enemy learns from our patterns even if we don’t and he will set up traps.

These traps are meant to distract us away from the purpose God has for us.

We must learn to use the distractions to our advantage! 😃

I used this metaphor recently with a close friend and I pray that it will empower you today.

Think of yourself on a race car track.

Obviously you’re a race car driver and you’re in a race.

As you go around the track a few times, you are now on your final round.

You see a person up a head waving a white flag right above the finish line.

Do you stop?

Of course, not!

You keep going because you know a white flag is the signal in racing that you’re about to experience a victory.

The race track symbolizes life and the white flag symbolizes distractions.

As we go through our seasons in life, we will encounter distractions the closer we get to a victory.

The enemy knows the power we get to experience through Christ.

He doesn’t want us to win!

We can’t allow him to slow down or stop us from experiencing a life of abundance!

Our victory depends on the way we press through in faith.

Use distractions to depend more on God.

Since I’ve been real about living this surrender life and allowing God access into my heart, it has not been easy one bit!

The more I feel myself putting effort into the vision God has for my life the more pressure I feel weighing on me.

Even when I experience great moments some thing always comes to try and damage my focus.

It’s like a cycle:

I’ll pray for something.

Here’s a distraction.

I’ll keep going in faith.

Boom! I’ll experience a victory!

I’ll fast for something.

There’s a distraction.

I’ll keep going in faith.

You’ve guessed it! I’ll experience a victory.

Whenever a distraction comes into my life, I’ve learn to depend on God because I know that is the only way I will experience a win is through Him.

God rewards those who diligently seek Him. (Hebrews 11:6)

Every day, we must remember as we live the surrender life there will be an experience we encounter in the form of a distraction.

Let’s not allow distractions to cause us to give up.

Instead, let’s begin to praise our way through thanking God that victory is soon on its way!

Biblical References

John 10:10

Hebrews 11:6

Faith Nuggets!

Remember: we must keep moving forward and not allow things to distract or knock us off track.

Let’s use distractions to our advantage!

God honors consistency. Let’s continue to stride in faith! We will soon be rewarded.

Breonna ‘BG’ Gildon

*Today’s throwback post and title was slightly revised from its original.*

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May today’s blog post bring empowerment to and through you. See you soon, Honey Bunches!


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