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We Share To Empower: It’s Calling You!

During the months of July & August our blog is taking time for resting and recharging from all new content. However, we desire to keep you empowered! Today’s throwback post is to encourage you to refresh & recap on your purpose, Enjoy!

It’s always calling you.

That deep thing within you that pushes you.

It drives you.

The thing you go to sleep thinking about.

And, that thing you wake up hoping for.

It may not be in your hands.

Yet, you wish and you pray that it will manifest soon.

It pushes, pushes, pushes and you just can’t seem to shake it off.

To be honest, you may not even want it.

It may drive you crazy that it’s on the inside of you, bugging you.

And, even when you stray from God, it tugs.

And, even when you stop praying, it pushes.

And, even when you think you’re not enough.

And, even when you forget you’re the daughter of a king.

And, even when you’ve made your biggest mistake and feel worlds away from God…

It’s there.

Wanna know why?

Because it’s what you were created to do.

I mean it’s kind of strange, right?

God searched for the whole earth.

The entire earth, and he couldn’t find anyone to do this special thing.

So, He made you.

That in itself is amazing to me! It’s crazy to me.

That God created little ole me to solve a problem or make a way that no one else can.

Imagine that, and yet, sometimes we find ourselves running from this “thing.”

We’re scared of this thing.

We try to ignore it even though it’s in the deepest corners of our hearts.

We try to tell God “No,no,no,it’s not me. It’s not me you want to do this!

We sprint away from this thing hoping that maybe if we just ignore it, it will go away.


Guess what, God knows you. He created you.

He brought your mother and father together at the right time, so their relationship could happen that you would be conceived.

He did it at that moment because he needed you to grow in the womb and out of the womb.

He needed you to have some life experiences.

Graduate high school and maybe college. Start your job. His timing was perfect!

God needed you to be the right age at the right time, so He could release you into the one thing He created you for.

See, love, your existence is not an accident. It may feel that way sometimes.

You may feel like the struggles of your world are weighing you down.

You may think that you’ve made too many mistakes.

You may feel lost, confused, and frustrated with where you are.

But, God is using ALL OF IT to create your story and I promise you it will all make sense.

For example, if you were never in that relationship and got your heartbroken, you would never know how to heal through it.

You could never minister to another young woman in a similar situation.

If you never took that job that ended up being a disaster, you would never know how to persevere through less than ideal situations.

If you never grew up in that family, you wouldn’t know how to properly love your future family.

It all works together.

You may look at yourself and wonder,

“Me? How could God use me? This mess?”

But, the best part is, he could care LESS that you’re a mess.

He only cares that you are a willing vessel.

Will you do what God wants you to do?

Will you minister to those who are assigned to you?

Will you let go of yourself to step into who God called you to be?

Will you stop worrying about your age, gender, and race?

Will you stop making excuses?

I’ll be honest with you.

I ran for a really long time. I’m still running. Because it’s scary!

I’m not popular. No one knows me.

I only have 355 followers on Instagram!

But, I have to put that to the side.

I understand, the idea that God wants to use you can be a daunting thing.

Concerns and thoughts may swirl in your mind.

However, when you get scared and worried, turn to Him!

Biblical References

1 Corinthians 2:9

Purpose Nuggets!

God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit to help guide us.

All we have to do is take the first step. Once we do that, the Holy Spirit directs and tells us the next step.

God never wanted us to have it all figured out!

He didn’t say that you needed to know the plan He has for you from A-Z.

“You can try to run. You can try to hide. You can try to ignore it. But you might as well go ahead and answer. That “thing” is your purpose calling.”

Guest Blogger: Alexia Davis

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May today’s blog post bring empowerment to and through you. See you soon, Honey Bunches!


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