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When You Have Given Your All Part III

How generous are you?

Answer the following questions to see!

Now, the questions are simple yes or no responses.

To help discover your level of generosity even better, how about for every response you calculate your answer.

For example, if you answer yes to a question, give yourself 2 points.

On the other hand, for every question you answer no, give yourself 1 point.

Fair enough?

Question 1.

Would you consider yourself as a generous giver?

Question 2.

Have you ever paid for someone else’s purchase without them asking?

Question 3.

Do you often leave a generous tip (above 20%) when dining out to eat?

Question 4.

Within the last two years, were you active in volunteering with a non-profit or ministry?

Question 5.

Can you give a gift to someone without receiving credit or anyone ever knowing you gave?

Alright, time to total up your points!

If you scored seven or more points, I would consider you as a generous giver!

However, in life, it isn’t really up to me or anyone else to decide your level of generosity.

Your heart in giving can only be truly determined by one person, that is Jesus.

According to Him, it doesn’t matter the amount or how often you or I give to determine the magnitude of our giving.

For us to achieve the highest level in generosity is when we choose to give our all, or everything, for the glory of God.

You may wonder how can I be sure of this statement.

Well, let’s take a look in Luke 21: 3-4!

Jesus says the following: I tell you the truth, this poor woman has given more than all the rest of them. For they have given a tiny part of their surplus, but she, poor as she is, has given everything she has.

At the time, Jesus was in the temple speaking to his followers about a poor widow who had just given everything she had to God.

Now, here’s a bonus question, if God were to ask you to give the very money that you need to a local church, ministry, or person to honor him, would you do it?

As you may know, I only share transparency to empower, Honey Bunches!

I don’t feel comfortable sharing anything with you that I haven’t experienced or am currently experiencing.

That is to say I recently made the decision to give at the highest level of generosity.

And, let me be real…it wasn’t easy for ya girl either!

For the past couple of months, financially I have been feeling stretched.

God has blessed me to make just enough to handle my financial needs, such as rent, car, phone payments, and etcetera.

I’m even grateful for a bonus at my day time job!

Yet, there are other financial needs I have where I’m still believing God to provide for me.

Therefore, when God asked me to give financially from a place where I felt was my everything, my all, my response was “God, I am going to give and I trust you to blow my mind in return!”

I wish I could tell you as soon as I gave God immediately returned the finances to me.

I wish I can share, “ After giving, the next day I woke up and discovered the exact dollar amount on my windshield!

Telling you that I didn’t have second, third, and fourth thoughts after giving would be nice to say.

Although those things would be amazing I cannot say any of that because I’m still trusting and waiting on God to blow my mind.

Maybe, you’re like me.

There’s an area in your life where you feel lack, yet you are still obedient to give everything you have to God.

I want to empower you with something God shared with me when I gave:

Giving your all in obedience to God never goes unnoticed.

One of the most interesting things in the widow offering’s story to me is the Bible didn’t mention if the widow actually knew Jesus, as being the Son of God, was watching her.

It simply states, “she came by and dropped her two small coins”.

This is encouraging for you and I because it shows giving our only will always be seen by God.

Why is this important?

Because when we give privately, not trying to be seen, our God, who sees everything will reward us! Matthew 6:4

Honey Bunches, your obedience, your generosity level, matters!

Giving Nuggets!

For us to achieve the highest level in generosity is when we choose to give our all, or everything, for the glory of God.

Giving your all in obedience to God never goes unnoticed.

Writer: Breonna “BG” Gildon

Did today’s blog post empower you?

Comment below, “I am empowered” & Share this post with a friend today.

See you next Wednesday, Honey Bunches!

…In The Meantime

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