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When You Have Given Your All Part IV

Isn’t it amazing how much we could get for $1 twenty years ago?

Now, you have to keep in mind two decades ago I was nine years old!

Back then, one dollar would have allowed us to purchase two bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos, a few Laffy Taffys, a handful of Now -N- Laters, some Jolly Ranchers and an ice cold can of Shasta for us to split.

Those were the good ole days!

I remember how having a dollar during the 90s meant the world to me.

Even today, I still believe the value of a dollar holds great power.

If you don’t believe me, how would you feel if you lost your last dollar?

I’m sure you would be searching your entire house, apartment, car, or wardrobe to find that thin piece of paper!


What if you had to give away your very last dollar to someone because God told you?

Now, before you answer this question, what if this same dollar God told you to give away you had intended to use for providing food to you and your child?

Would it be so easy for you to give that last dollar away?

As we grow to become more like Christ, I believe we slowly develop a heart that is selfless.

Meaning, there will be times where we will be asked from God to give someone some thing of great value to us, like our very last dollar.

In the moment of choosing to give, we have no idea of God’s purpose or outcome of our giving.

Having to make the decision to give our all can be a challenge and may even sound down right insane!

Let me empower you with three reasons why you should always be obedient when God ask for you to give.

1. Your selfless act to give can produce your greatest miracle.

When God asks you to give, you never know who you are blessing, but God does!

There is always purpose for everything. Ecclesiastes3:1

Like the saying goes, Don’t judge a book by its cover, the very reason behind God asking you to give could be attached to a disguised blessing.

2. Your obedience to give opens doors and grants you favor.

Proverbs 18:16 says it best:

Giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people!

When you give in obedience to God, He will provide you with unexplainable favor and open doors for you to simply walk through.

3. God will supply you with everything you need!

God is the creator of all. Genesis 1:1

God is Jehovah-Jireh; He is the God who provides.

It’s good to give when God ask you because He will provide all that is needed when you do.

In other words, God has power over everything, including to provide for us His children.

You may give something financially, yet God may provide in another area in your life you didn’t even know you needed.

Next week, I encourage you to come back to take a look at another story of a widow who gave her all and God provided in a way that literally blew my mind!

My prayer is you will be empowered to give knowing God provides all that is needed.

Giving Nuggets!

Your selfless act to give can produce your greatest miracle.

Your obedience to give opens doors and grants you favor.

God will supply you with everything you need!

Writer: Breonna “BG” Gildon

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See you next Wednesday, Honey Bunches!

…In The Meantime

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