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Who Do You Think I Am?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Why are you here?

You’ve been gone for months!

There’s no convincing me.

Stop right there!

I know who you are and what you’re about.

Ha, you’ve changed?

Are you serious right now?

Look, I can’t do this.

I thought we learned from the last time.

You’re no good for me.

You have a tendency of controlling my being.

The facades. The pain.

Provoking me to be caged inside of my own body.

Pretending to be what others to perceive as true.

Being engulfed in your presence diminishes me!

Making only you shine.

Being with you is like listening to the Baby Shark record.

On repeat.

Without an opportunity to pause.

Yearning for the agony to come to an end.

Only suffering in silence.

What has brought you back?

Oh, you felt the presence of another taking your place?

That’s hilarious.

You only return, so you can be in control.

You always said “I’m nothing without you.”

Seriously, I don’t have time to entertain you.

I’m going to say this for the final time.

It’s over. I’m done with you.

Depression. Breonna Gildon.

Once we let go, it will find its way back.

Depression is like the crazy ex.

You find yourself finally free and you feel in control.

Then, here they come knocking at your door late at night.

Looking like a complete fool and begging for you to open the door!


You may even find yourself feeling a vibration coming from your phone.

Once you pick it up, you discover the call is from an unknown number.

When you shyly answer and say hello, you discover it’s your crazy ex!

Maybe you don’t have a crazy ex.

If so, you are certainly blessed!

I’ll admit I have a crazy ex.

I take that back I have quite a few. Wait.

Let me get back on topic!

Don’t be fooled depression is like a crazy ex coming back only to see if it’s still in control. We have the power to fight. Yes, I said we because I’m still fighting it, too.

There’s nothing we have to fight alone: Let Him fight for us.

Like the crazy ex, I’ve discovered recently depression is trying to make its way back into my life.

The other day, I was pushing for time to make it to work.

I was outside of the building when I became overwhelmed with emotions.

Now, these weren’t regular emotions.

I’ve conquered depression before.

My mind began to fill with insecurities of not feeling good enough and I acknowledged what was happening.

As tears raced down my face, I immediately pressed my power button to turn off the radio.

Then, I said “Look, I can not do this today. God I need you.” Just like that.

I proceeded to go into work and began to play the Hillsong station on Pandora and sing!

Let me to tell you all that distracted what ever emotion that was trying to creep in my mind and it left!

I’m not trying to sell a dream or tell a tale.

There’s nothing too hard that He can not handle.

We just have to give Him permission to handle it!

Healing Nuggets

Philippians 4:13

Just like a crazy ex, depression will be consistent.

Don’t be fooled. Depression is tough, but God is greater.

Tell depression it has to go!

Give God access and let Him do the rest!

Have you ever been attacked by depression and God helped you conquer it?

We would love to share your story to empower others!

Send your story to:

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